The Valley of Hell … a Jerusalem tour

Palestinian always called this valley the valley of hell… tradition says you need to walk fast from this valley of you ever need to pass by it . Three cemeteries are no wonder sit actively in this place facing tow mounts of jeruslaem towards the gate of mercy that is adjacent to the Aqsa vicinity . During the Egyptian rule to the city in the early centuries BC phytoestrogens left their great signs of civilization in a tomb that is not called something else and of course related to a Jewish prophet . Up the hill you cannot miss the caves that host tombs of Egyptian period in the place . Yet impossible to forge them into a story that is Judaism’s they remain sitting unthreatening built on houses in the condensed area of Silwan and ras al Amud.

As always , the more your feet stump on civilization of this city you realize that whee as y built this city is this continuous merge of civilizations that made it such a unique place de-forming history in Zionist stories of Judaism is nothing but destruction to the stones that shaped this civilization as much as the man.. that man who was always Palestinian… regardless to the religion he later became.

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