Deforming Palestinian lives

Since yesterday, the Facebook is fuming with the photos of the group of Palestinians that were comprised of around twenty ex-ministers and some high officials, together with the representatives of the Coordination- outreach-  Committee that was established through a presidential decree, as well, within the Fateh Central Commission to outreach Israeli public.

The way photos are spread within what is intended to become a shame list for those who dared to normalize…. at the peak of this particular harsh, tough situation, after the announcement of the Israeli American Deal of the Century. A time when official statements called for boycotting Israeli products and collaborations. A day after the historical speech of defeat maybe, or moaning, of the Palestinian president to the UN, and what seemed like scrounging for peace from any possible side or direction. another loud cry out to the Israeli public whom he – apparently- seriously- believes in their ability to change the political discourse in their country- Israel-

To any sensible thinking, the group of Palestinians who went to attend a conference in Tel Aviv, only responded to direct orders from the highest level of rule in the PA, the president.

Why was this outrage against individuals who only followed orders ? these same people, who went with posh outfits and well spoken dialect in English , and maybe in Hebrew to some, are not any different to the thousands who took the streets as a protest against the deal on the date of the UN speech of the Palestinian president- by orders-

Of course, it is easy for the masses of public to find a scapegoat less than a president. in many ways one would say, this is a reflection of the anger the population is carrying towards the PA representation, and somehow the nation is stuck. The only thing that can be done is bit of Facebook outrage that becomes a public discourse of anger for a few days until the next scandal is out.

All the conflicting messages and decrees that the PA is spreading out only explains the disturbed, unfocused, lacking to strategy or even tactics rule.

From one side, regular people are screaming out in protest the boycott against Israeli produce. A man was complaining the absence of basic material to make salad as a result of the new boycott law, that no one actually knows who and how and when it was decided. Someone cries for boycott and the next day security starts ruining and denying access of products to the market.

On the same level, this same government sends twenty people to normalize with Israelis in Tel Aviv in a conference.

On another level of rage, al-Quds Open University, in a misfortunate timing, released a guide to its facilities with the map of the west bank and Gaza in a less cheesy chunks as a cover. Outrage broke out in protest against the university who gave up the historical map of Palestine.

One looks at things from all directions and tries to make an understanding to all this… only one sentence formulates itself: ironing people’s memories and deforming consciousness.

However, amid all this one reality declared itself in the upcoming Israeli Elections propaganda. A huge billboard in the different streets in Tel Aviv neighborhoods saying: Peace is only made with defeated enemies. with Mahmoud Abbas and Haniyeh kneeling in surrender.


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