And a reflection on the Bitterness of Reality

As we live this massive Israelization to Jerusalem as never before, we also witness a colossal thump on our national identity. We are torn into a Fateh and Hamas, and the occupation is surrounding us, expanding its colonies, israelizing our homes and roads, enslaving us with other walls and barriers.

The world continues to watch, not daring to condemn, incapable of stopping an evacuation of a family that was deported from its original home seventy years ago, to be evacuated again into another Diaspora inside its own home. Another demolition. Another annexation. Another is awaiting dispossession.

One misery after another, another Nakbeh inside Jerusalem, inside the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, and the list goes on. And a Nakseh inside every Palestinian, who has torn apart in heartrending domestic warfare between brothers instead of vowing over liberation.

The not very long time ago,  when the Palestinian society was comprised of a composite structure of different parties, inside the same family, you would find a fateh and a Hamas, a jabha and tahriri… and everyone was aspiring a day where we would be liberated, seems distant and an act of disbelief in time.

I am not explicit if our cause failed us or we failed our cause.

I am unsure if this occupation has invaded us like chronic cancer that cannot be cured. Cancer that will only kill us, or we can still resist.

Jerusalem is trailing its sanctification. Settlers are plaguing it with all their capacity . a radical racist government is overpowering it by all means. We walk through roads transformed to Hebrew; the railroad is jamming us into marginalized neighborhoods, demolition orders, and demolitions. Evacuations, new settlements, each day, another Israeli flag flies up from a Palestinian roof some moments ago.

Ultra-orthodox settlers were mingling among Palestinian neighborhoods, and settlements were expanding, more buildings, more posts, new roads, and one more time more suffocating details of oppression and injustices.

Netanyahu’s government continues racing with time, one more time forcing reality on the ground.

After failing to convince the world and the U.S to declare war on Iran, one more time succeeded in employing the settlements issues to their benefit . as the Israeli radicals are also preparing themselves to demonstrate the demonstrated removal of some outposts, the government is operating on a massive campaign to pinch what is left of Jerusalem.

And one more time, alluding to the world outside Palestine to procure more time in enforcing new facts on the grounds. Jerusalem is enclaved with a hollow basin of construction. A railroad, a telephrique, and more.

Each Jerusalemite today is struggling unswervingly with this shrewd invasion of the occupation.

And nearby, a few kilometers away, in the liberated Authority of The West Bank, as if all is well and constant as if the occupation is over as if the walls are detached as if the settlements have vanished, as if and as if life is ordinary, there is only one enemy HAMAS.

And Hamas holds over two million people captives over there on the isolated island around the desert of despair.

An occupation inside an occupation.

Fateh promises another election of anything…. it could be the Fateh of Ramallah elections in the Muqata’a as an option!! Half the participants deem to become the next Palestinian leadership, and the other half anticipate becoming a challenging number in the future power. And a few good men, working hard believing that there could be hope for reform and change.

Of course, one significant consensus, HAMAS, Hamas brutality, Hamas radicals, Hamas fundamentalists, Hamas abuses, Hamas tortures, Hamas violations, Hamas scandals, Hamas Hamas Hamas… Not Israeli occupation, not the Deal of the Century, not the Arab Normalization era.

And Hamas, in its new Emirate of Gaza, enjoying incapacitating, debilitating people, detaining, controlling.

Is there any worse scenario for a nation?

The Israeli Occupation is impounding whatever is left of the land, ongoing with its occupation without remorse within Jerusalem, and Palestinians of Fateh and Hamas skirmishing over authority over a terrain that is no longer there …..because they boomed in making our cause, again and again, a mislaid reason.

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