from the Gaza Auschwitz with democracy greetings of peace and Justice

Sometimes, words fail us in expressing the horror we witness.

The photo of today’s Palestinian young man’s corpse in Gaza- Khan Younis,

hanging from an Israeli Occupation bulldozer only reflects the horrific reality of Israel.

In what seems to be a historical U-turn in the so-called free world perception of democracy and justice. This is the democracy and justice of Palestinians under occupation.

This is how the inside of Gaza Auschwitz is lived.


  1. As you could see by some of my blog posts, I sympathize with the Palestinian position. As a mediator, I wish I could help. But I must admit, in these pictures, this looks like an effigy.

      1. As long as u believe in peace … we need to learn how to appreciate life , how to value humanity … then peace becomes achievable and will not need to be taught

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