Gaza , Syria and the Israeli Elections

Once again, an invasion strikes Gaza after a horrific scene of an Israeli Bulldozer bulldozing a Palestinian man inside Khan Yunis.

Once again, the aggressor becomes the defender. The victim becomes the one to be blamed.

Israel, with its brutal face, continues to kill. To prove yet once again that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is systemic.

And because Israel can…. it is no Harm for election purposes to also hit Damascus.

Strikes on Gaza… Strikes on Damascus.

We make sure to busy ourselves with condemning the Palestinians for Resistance and thus provoking. And the Syrians for living under a dictatorship regime. Responding to the unstoppable invasions and aggressions under a massive siege and a vicious blockade. It is always the Palestinians to be blamed…and now the Syrians- I still don’t get why.

Once again, the world is watching live killing and strikes of destruction under a devilish reality of occupation. Gazans continue to pay the price of life under occupation….and Syrians as well.

Israel’s natural face insists on surfacing each time, a cruel reality that fulfills itself with destructions and killings of the “others.” The Bulldozed Palestinian is just another addition to the list of brutal actions of occupation.

As much as it is far from logic t find the logic that justifies hitting Damascus and Gaza. But yet, Gaza and Damascus insist on teaching us all-those who perceive the human race as one- that resistance becomes life when life is a constant threat in living.

Resistance becomes in the simple form of living.

Does a final question arise if including Syria in the “scapegoating” of brutality will prepare the grounds for more Israeli invasions in a torn Arab reality?

Whatever serves Israeli elections…

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