The Palestinian Maze of loss

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “surprises” the nation with a speech- among his fellow Fateh people, of course- condemning the Medical Doctor Union for their attempted strike.

Of course, it is never good timing in the Palestinian lives. Why would this be different? The first excuse the president used in his condemnation. Deal of the century, economic siege, and corona.

The language the president used both in attitude and in literal wording only says one thing: this man despises the people he rules. There is no way on earth one can take his words in a different mode or meaning.

Words such as “mean,” “despiteful,” “nonethical,” among other terms, were the accusations that the president used to describe the act of attempted strike.

A president is screaming that these people are asking for raises in their salaries when HE cannot afford to pay the 60% of wages to his employees.

The president reminded me when my children ask me for money, and I start moaning and weeping my dark, brutal, bad luck.

I have to admit that the president’s speech left me with awe, or whatever one may call it. Disturbing feelings of a person – me- who lives under a state of occupation from one side and a form of a stateless president who despises us.

It was pretty sarcastic when the president called the behavior of the doctors as people who are disconnected from reality on the ground thinking that they live in Switzerland or Sweden. I have to say this was something to me… I always thought that this president needed to rule in such places, not our conflicted occupied area.

It turned out that what pissed the president off was that he spoke to the head of the union, and it was the FIRST TIME EVER for him to sit with the head of the union, and they promised him they would not allow the strike.

Can anyone believe that this president never sat with Unions?

Of course, he does not have much time while convince Israelis with every single and possible opportunity that he is a man of peace.

MR President, the Israelis, and the world,  respect and believe leaders who value their peopleith whoever stands on any side, On another level, close to the president’s HQ, the news of 5 municipal council members’ resignation took people with a stir. The reason behind this was the leading of the municipality in a regional euro Mediterranean organization that has onboarded the municipality of an Israeli colony in the neighborhood, Modiin.

Again, the resignation was accepted with blame to those who resigned for acting this way in this particular tricky timing!!! And for refusing to work together with the municipality on mobilizing to get the Israeli municipality out.

The BDS movement was the judge, and as disappointing as the president in results to the expectation of poor individuals like myself came their statement, “legitimizing” what happened as if the BDS is another Sheikh carrying the secrets to the gates of the pure people in what is charged as normalization and what is not.

Too much for one day …

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