PA in times of Corona: when performance becomes ridiculously contagious


This is so ridiculous it’s becoming contagious.

My daughter interrupts my daily follow up on the government spokesperson press conference saying: mom for God’s sake how can you tolerate this? I am someone who understands nothing in politics and find this totally ridiculous, how can a smart person like you waste her time tolerating this daily?

Last night the prime minister gave a press conference which I will come to its details later. But not before stopping at the effect of that speech on todays spokesperson daily press conference. The prime minister seems to make is a norm to show up approximately 20 to 30 minutes late to the scheduled time. I have to say it is so offensive and so disrespectful but let’s keep it aside form my messy thinking at this point.

The problem is that this habit seems to be scored highly in the official rating system, because the spokes person today was late around ten minutes to the scheduled meeting.

Of course, I should not bother much about this silly detail. after all we are all sitting home doing nothing but watching…


The fun part of todays briefing was the update on the PMs conference of last night. The laundry places and the questions people aroused on its opening o the social media.

Well, I think it is normal to ask why would the PM of most places give authorization to laundry places? After all we are all staying home. It would actually be a good exercise to iron clothes in such times of so much time available.

From another side, how safe is it to receive laundry and to send them back in a time that is said to be the peak of the spread of the virus?

The social media spurred into the issue and apparently the reason was obvious: officials need to send their suits to the dry-clean.

It made sense to me…

But the spokesperson has another explanation. he insisted responding to social media allegations that the reason is not that at all, the reason for that is the need to wash the sheets and the uniforms of the hospitals. It is not only that!! We people don’t understand that there are university students at dorms and apartments who do not have washing machines and they need to wash their clothes!!

I swear to God I laughed like never before. I have to say he took with his comment by surprise!!!

For God’s sake!!!! Hospitals haven ot changed their sheets in the last forty days ???? do they send the sheets to dry-cleans? They don’t have washing machines in their hospitals.


Then our students take laundry to dry-cleans?????? What happened to times when students washed their clothes in the sink? Actually, we live in pajamas for the last forty days who needs a dry-clean. I haven ever heard of students using dry-clean I have to say.

But yes, the students the spokesperson has in his mind the students whose parents are officials and live in luxury overseas. They don’t count in the pocket money that the parent sends, and the genius spokesperson suddenly realized… yes, it is the students that need to use the dry-clean

I am sorry to have taken this to this ridiculous point. but can anyone imagine that this is the official daily briefing on the corona????

The days before there was a debate on the worries of people in Ramadan of who will do the kunafeh (special sweets) and the spokesperson assured us that he knows that the great women of Palestine will compete the great chefs of kunafeh stores. Of course, the outburst on his comment alerted his feminist fans who dislike the joke. So, he fixed himself the next day bringing in a challenge on a woman named um …something who promised him the best tray of kunafeh.

He seemed to take amusement out of his jokes, so he decided to make it s daily, using a contest like choice of comments that he receives that he decided to share with the population.

Of course, we have to remember that we hold these press releases because we are in an emergency situation regarding the vicious virus. \but the news on the virus is nothing but a daily update on numbers, with some bedtime or kindergarten stories, of how x was infected. x is the x years old, who was infected from y who is the mother, and y got infected from w the husband, and w got infected from R the son, and R go infected from his friend M who guess what? So, a laborer in the infected factories of the hollow areas of the other side.

I really did not expect myself to get into this much humor!!

We are still talking about the Corona???


The prime minister made a press conference that was serious ands with no jokes. He had to give us updates with new arrangements and guidelines…

Dry-cleans and stationary places will be opened on Fridays. I don’t have an explanation why stationary store. But it is ok. I have to say it sounded odd to hear a prime minister announcing what stores to be opened and why those in particular.

Then he listed lots of millions in giving’s and donations from countries. It looked like quite a lot of numbers. He also said that they will support through this money 135 thousand families. Some millions will go directly to Jerusalem hospitals. sounds good. Of course, there is a deficit of some number next to the zeroes that makes a billion, there was a deficit before, so it is only worsening. As a result, we will share bread of one another.

I stopped thinking… we share bread!! Do we share your bank accounts as well?

We don’t need the bread. We need the money that pays our expenses, bills, loans, salaries…! he had some answers to that of course… he made arrangements with banks to give loans with low interest!!!

The government actually owes us the 100 thousand payroll difference for each ministry from the last corruption update that was confirmed by all and the president gave orders to be paid back. We have at least a couple of hundreds of ministers with 100000 dollars that should be returned they can be helpful in such a time.

I think I need to stop here. My humor is turning into black. And my sense of cynicism is becoming painful even to me…

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