On Rocks and Mushrooms… searching for Ishtar’s secret on Gilgamesh


Ever since my Rock realization connection. I was laughed at hilariously by my kids. Our mother discovered her Rock over the Waterfall origins.

And I have to say this made us hilariously laugh on and on.

However, My mind entered a stimulating mode with great infatuation. The more I thought about it the more sense it made.

After all, I have been in a whirlpool of mind stimulation trying to get grasp of what I have to deliver daily as I work, and become more focused as I have to shape my thesis in preparation, and a journey of reading from Gilgamesh to May Ziyadah in an attempt to unfold the secret of Ishtar.

As a result, increasing amount of caffeine is stimulating my mind in less sleep and racing, jumping, dancing thoughts. I thought it is good to capture some of them and pour them out in writing before they escape forever.

Rock and Water I thought.

How many times did tremendous unconditional amount of Water made that Rock it’s eternal path to freedom into the spacious river, sea and ocean?

How many times Water drifting it’s way through that Rock splashed like Fireworks giving life to uncounted lives of enormous species that resulted in plants. How many times the quietly running Water passing it’s way through that Rock filled thirst of seeking creatures .

How many times along that channel, a Rock allowed a new life to be given a chance of yet to another chance of creation and recreation.

However, how many lives were sacrificed while tricked into believing that the solid hard Rock is not that slippery surface that never allows to be stepped over. How many attempts to conquer and stabilize that Rockhappened in taking control over the majestic power of the Rock.

Morever, and most importantly, but usually ignored, how many changes, turbulances, evolutions occurred to make the Rock the majestic power that is described?


A totally new distraction cut in my thoughts to be reminded as people may read and often ask what kind of drugs does this woman take?

I remembered magic mushrooms, truffles and the magic of their creation.

Somewhere  a bit afar from the majestic rule of the Rock and its flawless Water, there is the spacious solitude of Earth facing the ultimate Sky, when a powerful state of mating takes place between super powers named Thunder and Lightning. Those moments we witness in our  bare eyes and hear definitely the roaring of a victorious thunder so loud with splashing light that falls out from the Sky ejecting Fire to a thriving womb of anEarth longing to be enlightened.

Magic mushrooms is a miraculous outcome of the great mating of what we slightly witness every now and then from the striking powers up on the Sky.

This is when Fire and Earth create astounding enlightenment.

Then a human passerby gets curious or is hungry after a long journey of wondering and discovers that strangely hidden plant in the rough emptiness of that abrupt surface blanketed with golden sand and walks his way searching for an Earthly ground that protects him from the heat evolving more and move under the burning rays of the powerful Sun, to rest finally on a Rock with flawless Water and fills his thirst and makes his discovered planned eatable after purifying it with still pure running Water that made its channels a giving life to peaceful passerbys.

That human eats that mushroom and somehow …. evolution, genes, finds its way planted in my brain… to give me … the daughter of that Rock the eternal state of being able to get so very high … while never touching the magic of the spoken about magical effect of the magic mushroom or any stimulating effect higher than caffeine…

Caffeine stimulation in me is another story that links to my fellow spirit of a goat that chewed so much of that plant before it rested on the edges around that Rock to drink from the flawless Water of life.


After all it takes a mind like mine, a bit more than the regular amount of daily caffeine in a less sleeping hours of days, to make a stimulate that ignites the mind in such crazy thoughts…


I will not tell my children about the Lightening and Thunder mating and the mushroom… I will be taken immediately to a mental hospital ))

This reminds me, sadly , of May Ziyadah… that exceptionally intelligent, smart, gifted, creative literal figure, whose insights compete and challenges strongly twentieth Century accumulated philosophy, who at her mere forties was accused by family members that she lost her mind… to take over her property… somehow it remains that extraordinary talent is insane in such a world…

luckily I am not talented… I only have splashes of hallucinating insights that can be considered by some as creative .. and by most who don’t even bother to read these words as insane.

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