Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President

This is quite an ancient essay…. somehow, many things have changed since then. Brownie was kidnapped one time after the other… left to an unknown destiny and a grip from my side to write his Memoirs after yet another last rescue.

The president is still here.. sarcastically repeating the same advocacy addressed to Others, and now as we are caged in one shrinking living Cantons.. he is struggling for his Party and his own escape Maybe… with yet another empty threat that nobody takes seriously, and surprisingly, with a nation giving up to their kidnapper… Somehow maybe, like Brownie, who gave up on us rescuing him from the never-ending kidnaps.


My dog and the president ( a confusing title for a confusing situation)

My search for Brownie (the dog) reminded me of our failure as a nation. I was wondering like a fool probing for a “stolen” dog that seemed appealing in the eyes of those youngsters inside a society, who stares at you with strange, pathetic looks for looking for a dog.

I couldn’t but stop and think of how much of a schizophrenic nation we are. The same filches who crept it come from the same people whose kids probably hide it in their house or neighborhood and feel disgusted seeing someone looking for a dog.

I don’t know if it is a total state of perplexity or the rush of jittered energy in my nerves that makes me connect with Mr. Abbas’s interview with the Israeli TV and say his unflustered ’goodwill’ pledges and assertions to the Israeli audience.

He didn’t bother to come out to his nation on the municipality elections ( which is nonetheless a gravestone for our nationhood) and at least comfort us with anything. Or was he so assured that the only audience that could have real elections and address are the Israelis, and that is why he addressed them?

I really wish to understand what kind of consultation is he receiving and from whom???

One day he goes to the united nation and exploits Israel, and the next, maybe the same day, he goes to the Israelis, and he tries to get their sympathy and support??? For what?

Why would he think that the Israeli voters even think of him? Why would he ponder that whoever he is or whatever he says would assume the Israeli public opinion?

Or maybe, his consultants are affected by the heat of the American election and cogitate that his words will make any variance for the Israelis? And if so. For whom and against who? Who is our President in favor of? He wants to support the Israeli radical right or right wings?

And he guaranteed that there would be no intifada during his time???? Of course, he will do his best to avoid any intifada because the only intifada will be against him.

It is such a calamity that this so-called leadership not only has ragged us away from our land but abolished what is left of the Palestinian Cause.

And Right of Return, and he’s right as a refugee … so what does he exactly mean, that as a leader he gives up the right of return, and as an individual, he will claim this right as a refugee ?????

Seriously Mr. President … even the young burglar of my poor dog gave a more convincing alibi …

I can only pray for Brownie some Divine protection …. Like us Palestinians ….



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