Nabi Samuel… Ongoing displacement and zionization

Nabi Samuel is a village on the seams of Jerusalem towards the west-northern part of the city. In 1971 the whole village was destroyed, and the people partially fled, and some were displaced outside the village close to their agricultural land. Nabi Samuel stands on more than 3500 dunums of land including one of the most impressive fortresses within a mosque that landmarks the mountain that stands in the middle of a landscape that shows you as far as Jordan and Tel Aviv.

Today the village of 200 inhabitants is considered part of a national park where Israelis feel like a holy site right under the mosque. You will see ultra Jewish people praying, in all direction of the place with minimal attention to the grand mosque that hosts this whole site. They enter, they move, their kids play, and somehow over there you may spot a Palestinian who became part of an ancient unwanted heritage that will disappear at some point.

As in almost every other model, the Palestinian cities, villages, graveyards and mosques are becoming an odd reality in the new reality Israeli masterly creates … A situation not different to the Palestinians themes elves who are finding themselves strangers in those your on lands… Homes…


  1. Compelling photos; people have lived in that place for a very long time… even in the pictures, one can feel their ancient presence…

    Though I must agree, to some extent, with the comment re: crimes against humanity, I’ll also note that such crimes seem to be a particular talent in our species, regardless of place of origin.

    The problem, as I see it, is that there is no common sense of spiritual connection in today’s world, allowing ego and desire, with its concomitant accomplices, selfishness & lack of personal responsibility, to take precedence over reason and compassionate love for life. This has led us to a world where very little is sacred, especially that which does not serve personal greed…

    Oh, and, that’s a GREAT T-shirt…..


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