Creativity in times of Corona

I busied myself in the last few days actualizing an idea I had in mind. Since the quarantine, and forced stay at home, I had to deal with my house more as a home. After all spending 24 hours in one place for one day after the other is not something I am used to do.. Even if this is HOME.

Somehow I got more aware about what I like or dislike. Many things I did not pay much attention to become clearer to me. I enjoyed staying home so much, I was missing one thing.. Plants.

I wanted to create a space were I can make a small home garden, but no matter how I tried and what I attempted to do it, it turned out not possible. After all, I turned the window pots in what would become soon a lake with frogs croaking and crocodiles staring from my kitchen window. Of course staying more at home means using more food, and ever since I realized that I can contribute to environment through feeding it with my produce leftovers things turned into an excessive operation that de-compost became more of a swamp! from the other side, I ended up with lots of plastic bottles from mineral water. I always drank water of course, but I am someone who enjoys tap water and glass bottles. With quarantine guidelines we were packed with boxes of plastic bottles. OF course the environment- try- to – be -friendly creature, saved the bottles for something I had in mind but had no clue what it was. the first attempt was to make a de- compost can from the empty bottles and the result was horrible… so I quit on me being innovative. one day my daughter shows me a video about plants in bottles, after she saw that my obsession with collecting the bottles seemed endless. and her was the idea… finally I can do my dream project with no need to a space for a garden.. on the walls!

but of course this needed skills I don’t have. a bit more than what I can do in knocking on a wall with a hammer and a nail. it actually needed someone who can be a carpenter. but then I realized maybe I can use my fairway that is filled with iron rods that may be used as separators. and I was thinking wow I can finally actualize my unknown image of what wanted to do. I went I bought tens of small plants and a hundreds of meters of threads and I was ready to start… to realize that the bottles weren’t to there!!!

I accused of course my kids of throwing my treasure of bottles, and later I remembered that I threw them away when my first project in creating a de-compost can did not work.

The kids always tell me that is way cheaper that I buy things than my attempts to create them.. And I would say I know that very well. But the idea is to create… and it usually comes out a deformed act of creation!!!

but I insisted and after a few days … of course… of collecting bottles… this was the result…


  1. As a fellow plant & recycling enthusiast, I love this idea (and the crocodile reference). It turned out beautifully!

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