Hard Talk…Hard Truth: We are a hijacked nation

Hard Talk…Hard Truth: We are a hijacked nation 

I was watching Hard Talk with Hussam Zomlot, the Palestinian Ambassador to London. Mr. Zomlot is the superstar of the Palestinian diplomacy. Eloquent, witty, and smart… However, nothing more than a man who represents a corrupt regime that continues to sell our cause as a nation to serve its notions… Notions that do not present except a regime that represents its officials. 

Hard Talk was nothing but a real reflection of the bitter truth of our reality: We Palestinians who allowed ourselves to be hijacked under the promises of liberations with nothing more than opportunists who continue to buy and sell in our names, first a land, prisoners, martyrs and now what is left of us as people. 

Somehow, this coincided with my reading a book on Edward Said, and while thinking of Blaming the victim notion that Zomlot mentioned, I could not see but Said’s argument on a far more important need today not less important than before : “We cannot fight for our rights and our history as well as future until we are armed with weapons of criticism and dedicated consciousness.” 

It is such discourse of a detached from reality but that of the people of the PA that created the polemic of Said on the PA. I think of every word and think of how vicious we are on those who speak the truth. How hypocrites we are in compensating our just cause as people into these people who continue to suck out our resources, land, blood and souls.

Zomlot expresses himself brilliantly thinking he is trying to convince a Palestinian journalist who cannot but agree obediently with his allegations. Allegations with a strategy that he starts his discussion with ends with admitting that there is nothing strategic anymore. Allegations of our prosperity as a nation that has no economic issues and ending with a cry out on food parcels. 

Zomlot who is from Gaza, shamelessly thinks he represent Gazans or Palestinians. The Hard Talk host told him boldly: You cannot say that people don’t need salaries, but you are sitting here in the cozy office in London with a nice salary that he is not willing to give up. 

Zomlot sounds as if he lives or comes from another state. A state that could be a great one if it was not for the brutal Netanyahu. 

Interestingly, Zomlot sees himself representing the PLO not the PA. I have to say I cannot but laugh or more precisely slap my face thinking of his maneuvers in the discourse. 

It is true that the PA was supposed to build a state that takes out of occupation as he stated, but it ended up building a state of a bunch of rich people that these people really think is part of Switzerland or maybe Norway. 

I am not sure which land is Mr. Zomlot talking about the PLO or the PA or whoever he means he represent does he mean when he says that Gaza, Refugee Camps, and Jerusalem are taken care of … I guess he means it is his “faction” first level that is taken care of on the account of what is called people. 

Between selling a lost cause diplomacy that nobody believes and contradictory statements and 

I really call for MR Zomlot, not to use another martyr, don’t use autistic people. We did not hear you condemning what your official tv station program that ridiculed disabled people. Stop using our victims to your political benefits. Go ask for a state of yours. your people. Those who call themselves PA or PLO and leave us the PEOPLE of this country alone… We are sick of abusing all what Palestine once meant to us. 

Don’t speak on our behalf. Don’t speak of a democracy in a regime that practices dictatorship on its people, for people who cannot even express their minds. and if they do … they are handcuffed in hospital beds like Jehad Abdo now. 

There is only one victim: US THE PEOPLE who are perishing under your corrupt rotten regime. 

The truth is that the real problem is YOU, name its PA or PLO. The truth is that Palestinians who are holding on in resilience for their basic rights are sick of corruption more than occupation. 

The truth is that you proved to us that colonial occupation is better even in its worse than what we are living today. 

The truth is that people at this moment are hunted or detained because they dared to say loud what most Palestinians want to say: LEAVE US ALONE 

We’ve really had it. 

Enough is enough. 

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