Exposure: Sayed Kashua

Sayed Kashua novel Exposure or Second Person Singular.

Reading kashu is like eating sashimi for the first time . You don’t know if good or bad the taste in your mouth is . By the time you realize the taste you are already finished with the second order and fantasies about the next time you will be eating it again .Reading let it be morning trapped me between kafka’s amerika And Orwell’s 1984.

Exposure held many raw sensations , flipping from mohammad Shukri in Khubzi il Hafi to Kundera in Book of Laughter and Forgetting . From abdel Rahman Mounif to Maghout.

Too daring, too bold , too mean sometimes , too unfair often, too real . it kept me with unleft feelings of anxiety and curiosity. Mesmerizing, unpredictableJealousy , suspicion….inner struggle for identity as well as external one…

The sensation of Reading kashou is like that when reading Love in Times of Cholera or a Hundred Years of Solitude … Too crazy ,daring events ,that makes the reader think what kind of wild imagination the writer has, or what kind of weed that took him this high and far , until you read living to tell the tale …A breathtaking reading adventure….Brilliant .

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