Commemorating Nakba…. celebrating independence

Commemorating Nakba…. celebrating independence…
I am taken I could say with some enraged feelings ,quiet from inside though for some Israeli leftist zionists who seem to seriously sail with the notion of a Palestinian state and peace and freedom … And so on and on …
I still believe that my tolerance to the other ( in this case the Israelis ) is some high level one . However, as much as I recognize them on a human level, as well, on their strive for existence , trying often to ignore my own, and just get in their shoes and try to reach out somewhere . It takes me with anguish to hear and read the ruthlessness and pride in a declared announcement of an independence that was built on our misery .
You cannot ask me for peace ,when you fail to admit to yourself that you occupied me and expelled half of my people , killed many, orphaned families, destroyed trees, and built your existence on my catastrophe .
Me , Palestinians, trying to live and share under the compliance of your power ,doesn’t legitimize you more , and it doesn’t take my right in my homeland any less.
If you want legitimacy , and independence … Start by ADMITTING the catastrophe you caused to us.
Colonies can be built on destruction of nations , but not homelands…
You celebrate independence of a millennia of diaspora …yes you deserve it …. But you are celebrating on our misery , and we are still there , and we still remember ….

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