Sheikh Jarrah … a painful story of resilience bittered with Sewage smell

Passing everyday by this neighborhood, where the residents are threatened for yet another displacement. In the last few days, while people are gathering in solidarity with the threatened families, Israeli occupying forces wasted no opportunity for creative oppression… sprinting people with sewage!

The smell was unbearable as I walked by… it stuck in the nose, found its way aggressively to every part of the body , clothes, air… disgustingly ugly …

Usually, I take a halt next to an old couch that reminds me of Greeks in siestas. But here, a settler’s house is in the opposite scene, coercive, invasive and ugly. I passed by my favorite tree , a fig tree that usually overshadows the couch . This time I could not stop . Could not imagine a sweet memory of the place. The smell of sewage invaded all senses.

I felt guilty … I went back and sat with one of the owners. I felt the need to smell more of that disgusting smell…. maybe I could at least get a breath of that suffering …..

People …. here…. encounter a total different meaning of resilience… it is a survival kind of resilience. A resilience that resists to survive.

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