Jerusalem with its posterity is the face of the truth

Jerusalem with its posterity is the face of the truth

Sheikh Jarrah … Al-Aqsa … Jerusalem: a story of a people and a land under occupation

It is difficult to write in the midst of so many oppressive events. But writing is not extravagant if you are an offspring of this vibrant place despite the occupation.

I follow what is going on amidst overwhelming frustration. We are living through our worst days as a people who are left with their identity only to share. A fragmented leadership, a divided people, and groups (divided between intellectuals and businessmen) that take advantage of all that can be made to livelihood in light of the corruption surrounding  in all aspects of life.

A state of despair that reached its peak level of disgust and frustration. Everyone tries to monopolize what is left of his life so that he can protect himself and his close family.

Jerusalem is left to its Creator and its progenies.

I cannot ask how things started and how did it get to this point of the explosion. Only those who live their every day lives this way can understand this, breathing the burden of the occupation. That life that brings one closer to an idol. It receives blows from all directions and then gets offerings of gifts, jewelry and money. It is used as needed. We are silent, be silenced, swallow our pain, miseries, and oppression, and raise our eyes towards the Creator of this place and make Him witness the human action in His holiest place.

It is as if the Creator assures us that He might be giving chances, but by no means He is neglecting. So He gives life to the people of this city as it should be. A life befitting of whoever bears the name of this city. Sonsand daughters approaching their souls to be the embodiment of the sublime meanings of sacredness.

The sons and daughters  of a city in which Christ walked on the Via de la Rosa crucified, lifting his head, despite his certainty that his jailer and tormentor would lead him to his death.

A city that lives within the souls of its cprogenies, how can Christ be subdued?

A city in which Umar ibn al-Khattab favored generosity and the security of its people on the holiest of their sanctities and landed the Muslim qiblah in it to be the destination of the believers.

A city to which Muhammad traveled and ascended to the sky, how could the Creator leave it to torture of the occupying usurper?

How can He leave this city, whose oppression was eradicated but its people always remained, and the tyrants departed and perished?

It remained with its children, civilization after civilization … they protect it with their blood … and support it with their souls … and die in selflessness for the sake of its survival.

As if the right has one face …

A face of  Strength.

This is the secret of Al-Quds and its people … Al-Aqsa … Damascus Gate …. Sheikh Jarrah … the owner of the truth is neither afraid nor afraid.

The one who has the right has the power …

Truth is power … if people were aware of this, injustice would not remain on this earth.

Watching what’s going on … seeing the glow in the eyes of my children, young people of their ages. It was as if the repression of the injustice that lay in them had exploded and it was no longer possible to return to theirprevious prison. As if they were waiting for this moment to say their word.

Their word is …

What they feel

What they believe in

What they know is right.

Their strength.

They take charge and act. They do not wait for orders from leadership, nor directions for how, when, and what to do. They do what their attitude leads them to. They left us behind and moved towards the future.

We organize ourselves, we await the orders and recommendations of those studying our case. We pray for God’s salvation and wait for the new Saladin.

The people of Jerusalem have proven that Saladin is nothing but a passing ruler in the history of this city. He left his mark and left. They are the ones who today fingerprint, draw, write and fight for their city.

The sons and daughters  of Jerusalem are the line of defense and offense.

They are leadership and leaders.

The meaning of the blood that walks its way through the veins of the people of this city will only be understood by the those who understand the meaning of sacrifice once paved for the sake of this humanity, for a city on which Christ walked on the path of her suffering …. it can only be her sons and daughters ….

Jerusalem is not a bride Arabism on anyone

Jerusalem is the heart of Arabism, whose people heart beats compose their breath. They are the arteries of this heart … they are the blood that is pumped for this heart …. they are the veins that open for this heart.

Jerusalem is the face of truth.

Truth is a force that is not oppressed by an unjust tyrant … no matter how tyrannical and long oppression remains.

Jerusalem with its posterity is the face of the truth.

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