Marking Nakba, Living Nakba 73 years later

Today marks the 73 years of Nakba. 

73 years since the beginning of the Palestinian unceasing expulsion, displacement, killing and ethnic cleansing systematically unrelentingly applied. 

Today is another day of reflecting on the reality of living under occupation for 73 years to Palestinians. Palestinians who today expose the oneness of their identity, their destiny. 

For 73 years, Palestinians have been enduring systemic fragmentation, estrangaement, and division: Palestinians in Israel (Israeli Arabs), Palestinians in Jerusalem (Jerusalemites), Palestinians in the West Bank (West Bankers- Daffawiyyeh), Palestinians in Gaza (Gazans), Palestinians in Refugee Camps (Lajieen), Palestinians in Diaspora (shatat). Today we all stand up as Palestinians only. As if an avalanche befell and rumpled with it all what was wedged with us … except for our Palestinian identity. 

Today we stand as Palestinians all over our existence and we live Nakba for what it is. 

Today, all false slogans are crushed: Bi-nationality, coexistence, peace, two states, one state, Trump’s state, normalization…. 

One notion becomes the only fact: Our right to self-determination. 

I admit that I never understood what this means. Today I understand it for what it is. 

Today we Palestinians stand as One Nation. One People. Today we are affirming our own reality: A nation under occupation: Israeli Arabs, Jerusalemites, West Bankers, Gazans, Refugees, Diaspora. Today we all stand as one nation that marks its enduring Nakba. Confronting the might of a coercive, racist, oppressor, discriminative, full of detestation occupation. 

Today all masks are plunged…. And veracity is prevailing itself. 

Our struggle is one: A struggle of people under occupation. 

Al Aqsa, Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza. 

The unceasing story of living Nakba: Judaizing history and civilization, displacement, coercive damage and merciless killing. 

Today, we Palestinians stand as one marking our Nakba. Not by a protest that raises slogans of a key and a woe on a banished village and people. 

Today we live Nakba…. As we have been living it for 73 years…. 

Today we are only seeing the oppressors in their true faces: Cruelty, Hatred, Contempt. 

Today we mark our Rage … they mark their Enmity. 


  1. Where is the palestinisn responsibilty for the war in 1948. Read .Musa elALAMI ARTICLE. YA BINTI

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