The Coexistence according to them: Masters and Slaves

The scenes of destruction from Gaza, reflect the ugly face of occupation. The Hate, despotism, cruelty, inhumanity. 

There is no equality in injustice, repression, evilness. I cannot but ask myself, what else do these people want from us? 

One would say, but you provoked. 

Let’s start from the beginning; the attempts to regulate Al Aqsa and divide it, the Damascus Gate undertakings to control, the endeavors to displace the families in Sheikh Jarrah. 

These are not sheer divisions of occupation. These are not exertions that can be normalized. Yes… it takes people a protracted period to move. Fear, apprehension, despair, dejection, and threat, make people shut off inedibly and shut up… but only to a limited time. 

This is the living story of Palestinians: Judaization to our history as a place, where we become the aliens of what is part of who we are. Embezzlement, misappropriation of reality and memory. And, displacement. 

Palestinians cannot keep living Nakba. 

It is as guileless as that. 

We are condemned by unscrupulous leadership, but we are people with true belonging to this place. 

We do trust in what is our Right. What is Ours.

We were tricked once into what became our destiny as displaced people.. how many times could we be displaced? And worse… to where can we flee this time? 

We know that there is no safe place but home… and here is our home. 

In Gaza, as the scenes of destruction continue to spread, brutality, evilness. What do these people have in mind? 

How often can any human unsee humanity? 

I am observing the updates from Gaza and cannot but contemplate.. all these victims who perished. All the possessions, structures, buildings, towers, that were destroyed. All those families that are again displaced… how can they outlive all this agony. All this damage. 

How many are crying, weeping, at this moment the loss of a loved one… A loss of a whole family… How many mothers are lamenting the demise of their children? How many fathers are running aimlessly in hospitals looking for survivors from their families? How many children are left without a father and or a mother? How many are wandering pointlessly around the ruins of what was just home.. Trying to gather what is left from a memory, a belonging under the rubbles of wreckage and destruction?

We have reason to resist this continuous state of occupation, subjugation, despotism, and ethnic cleansing. No matter how long we are sedated, this cannot last forever. 

Actually this is the only normalcy for a human being.. race. 

But what is not natural when thinking of humanity is the aversion, hatred that we are enduring from the Israelis. Are those only fanatical settlers? Or this is the exact face of Israel? A racist, discriminatory reality thrashing behind a lenient face of democracy amongst undemocratic, autocratic surrounding? 

I know it sounds naïve, to question humanity in occupation. 

To question those who made a living on the dispossession, the extermination, the ethnic cleansing of other people. 

Just to grasp the accurate meaning of coexistence…. 

It is the coexistence of the master and the slave. 

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