Gaza… the ongoing invasions, blockade, and displacement

Gaza… the ongoing invasions, blockade, and displacement

I don’t know if words can bring in any significance to the numeral catastrophes that continue to befall on Gaza. 

I keep asking myself, what are these people made of, to be able to survive all this. What kind of genes do they carry inside their cells to make them this resilient to all this melancholy? 

A wretchedness that never seize to stop… but yet such apprehension, obstruction is part of their existence.

 A wishful thinking, that the blockade will be uplifted one day. 

But then I think, they are not heroes. They are not that special. They are enforced to struggle for their survival. They are human beings. 

Even in humanity, we scale things inversely. More human, less human. A white human, a black human. A human being, and a Gazan. 

Because human beings can survive one catastrophe, one expulsion, one displacement, one mass killing, one genocide, one destruction, one war.

In Gaza… this is a lifestyle. 

A lifestyle of catastrophes, destruction, displacement, genocides, wars. 

I am watching what is happening in Gaza with anticipation, fear, and prayers that this horror ends now… not soon… not tomorrow. 

It is heartbreaking to realize that more destruction, more death tolls are needed to influence an end to this war. 

A war against a population of over two million individuals congested into a very limited area, with a sea that they cannot even escape to, and borders that are blocked from all directions.

A war led by chauvinists, power hungry, blood thirsty politicians who only see their ego prevailing, winning…. on the account of innocent people. 

Mainly, scarpering from getting sentenced to prison.

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