They killed Nizar…We are all Nizar

How much did we fight not to get to this place of We Are All Nizar?

Nizar got killed this time.

How long would it be until we all face the end of Nizar.

Getting killed.

I will not bear the burden of death, murder, or assassination of Nizar on us as a nation. Words do not matter, nor does the power of any expressions matter. The truth is one and only: Nizar no longer exists.

They killed him, assassinated him, tortured him, and abused him; it will turn into a new public opinion issue. They must have calculated it well this time, knowing that the biggest opinion issue lasts for a month, and in light of the acceleration and abundance of scandals, it only lasts for a few days at best. Nevertheless, the case ended with an investigation committee, and this authority will continue its corruption until the last citizen is harmed.

The oppression practiced on us daily by this authority, and the extent of corruption created and killed Nizar. There is no place to live in a homeland that deprives freedom and expression in its simplest matters.

But they always survive by their actions. They do not care about a people, nor a reaction, nor a gesture, nor a demonstration. They know very well that they have the iron fist of the bars of cells and prisons and the ability to kill.

Nizar is dead

Nizar was killed

Nizar was assassinated…

We are all Nizar…

We are all on the road to death in this state. With this might. This contempt for the value of man.

No government will fall with Nizar’s death

Neither an interior minister, a security chief, a director of investigations, nor anyone who issued instructions from the prime minister to a guard who broke into Nizar’s house and wreaked havoc, destruction, and murder will resign.

They killed Nizar…

They killed the unrelenting voice.

They killed the free man who did not compromise his rights

They killed the man who represented the fine line of the Palestinian person’s ability to express, even if only by force. Because they did not leave any strings, they trampled on us and our dignity and our lives.

They killed Nizar when they arrested him for the first time

Wasted his blood

Nizar is not dead

Because already we are all Nizar

How many voices can they assassinate?

How many Nizar can be silent?

Nizar has always represented the Palestinian resistance fighter for freedom. This person is not represented by a man who can be killed or disposed of to end the case.

How bad and abhorrent is this authority that is unable to withstand objections or references to its rampant corruption everywhere.

How miserable this authority overpowers its members, breaks into their homes, abuses, beats, and kills.

How many Nizar died at the hands of these did not hear or know about him?

Nizar’s killing confirms how much oppression these people live by. Because, quite simply, if you express yourself, you will be killed.

And the murderous system extended everywhere as corruption.

Corruption kills

How many times have we cried in fear, dread and terror?

how much we warned

How much did we find

How much did we help?

That we do not reach a day when we cry Nizar and say we are all Nizar.

We are all Nizar for as long as this authority is tyrannical, and we are at our best chanting a word of condemnation, marking phrases, and ending up with another burning story.

We are all Nizar for as long as we continue to remain silent about this oppression, injustice and tyranny

We are all Nizar, we have always been governed by an authority whose act is more and more uglier than the act of occupation

We are all Nizar, as long as we no longer differentiate between the crimes of the occupation and the crimes of the authority

We are all nazars as long as this authority controls us to this degree…. To the point of killing people who don’t like his voice.

We will all be… Dead, killed, assassinated, arrested.

Or we will be ominous omens for the rest of our lives that we live with fear and dread. By oppression and injustice. Perpetual permissibility of repression, abuse, torture, burning, or an expected assassination at any moment.

We will all be the martyrs of this oppressive, corrupt, tyrannical regime if we become Nizar

Or all of us will go forth with perseverance, injustice, and servility, and this authority will continue to rise, kill, and abuse the bodies of those among us who were martyred and the souls of those who remained submissive, spectators, and afraid of them.

I close my words, still taken aback by the shock. Nizar is already dead.

They crossed all human lines with this crime.

My sister called me while I was writing these words screaming: Don’t write, don’t kill you.

They are already killing.

Who would have believed that we will live for this black day in our lives as Palestinians.

To kill a person among us because his voice rose above the permissible ceiling.

Because his voice rose in order to be better.

To live better.

To live with dignity so that we can be free.

To be able to be free from occupation.

Where are we from the occupation and those who kill us are the ones who took over our lives.

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

And God suffices us… Nizar today is among those most deserving of immortality.

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