The international community is also responsible for the murder of Nizar Banat by not Boycotting, Divesting, and Sanctioning the PA.. instead, it is business as usual: The Japanese government agreement with the PM

The murder of Nizar Banat should ring the bell to the international community, including Cooperation and Diplomatic Missions. 

From one side, there is one striking horrific reality: those who killed Nizar are free. No one was arrested. No one is investigated. The killers who committed the murder are just around their homes, families. They just killed him and went to the mosque to catch the dawn prayer and then had breakfast with the family. 

Maybe they were invited to a celebration dinner later that day by their superiors who ordered the murder. 

It might also be that they were so driven with bloodthirst emotions they were among those who beat the protesters in the latter days brutally in the streets. 

But then how can I feel surprised? 

The whole system protects killers. 

The ordering system of killing formed a committee to investigate, and the result we witnessed, like watching screens of Big Brother from 1984, was nothing but close to unreal. 

A senior official rudely reminds people of Qadhafi’s words of Zanga Zanga by saying that they will be facing the street with street rules. 

The president leaves the Muqata’a to Jordan. I think, how can he put his face in front of people. Who leaves his country at such a time? But, of course, he does. This authority does. 

After all, he asked for an investigation, and the investigation was conducted and publicized in two minutes by the minister of justice. 

The president is busy, of course, making sure he is not left out of the ongoing Bazar of the normalization festivities with some Arab countries. 

It is a great opportunity he and his advisers must be thinking. Then, while the people are screaming, mourning, protesting ( when possible), busying themselves in condemnations and analysis, he and his American and Arab friends and Israelis can conclude or even better celebrate the unfinished business of normalization treaties. 

Thinking about it, this man has issued tens if not hundreds of decrees where he changed laws and created laws to engrave and strengthen nepotism and corruption in an institutional level from all possible directions. He can also sign such treaties. I think this is his best of times. The absolute dictator. 

On another side, in what seems like a very typical Palestinian day, the Prime minister, who is also the minister of interior, and the one responsible for the murder of Nizar Banat. He announces on his FB page a celebration meeting \ agreement with Japan. 

From one side, it seems cynical that japan is giving refrigerators and equipment for Covid prevention, and we are facing the scandal of the expired vaccines. 

The Japanese government did not hear about the vaccines scandals that might have triggered the murder of Nizar Banat?

The Japanese representative does not pass by the streets of Ramallah and see the brutality that took place in the streets against protesters? 

The minimum such officials can do is demand an investigation. The minimum they can do is cancel any meeting or cooperation with such a corrupt regime that robs, violate, and kill its people with their support.

I think a BDS movement should be directed to the PA and its officials and institutions. 

Thus, the international community should be held responsible and accountable for supporting corruption and approving the killing and suppression of Palestinians. 

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