Biden’s visit and our expectations

Biden’s visit and our expectations 

The world is becoming a surreal place to be. Everything is getting out of what we thought was normal some time ago. Somehow, for some time, we believed that we were getting to a place where the globe would be a big village with diversity as a mélange of our different cultures and civilizations. A naïve expectation in a world fragmented into scattered pieces of exclusion and expulsion, poverty, superfluous capitalism, and wars. A world that has no place for other who does not share the same principles, power, color, and values. 

Its ever-feeding values are a low turnover into a neo-fascist reality… imperialism, modernity, and coloniality. 

A world that is confused in a war of power. A new world order that seems to remain stuck. Or maybe we are simply on the verge of that turn. 

Is it Trump that made this brutally harsh reality so clear: White supremacy and neo-imperialist dominance? Or has the world always been hiding its actual fascist fact? 

But with fascism came influential leaders; Trump might have marked the last. With Biden, things went to the other extreme of horrific realities. The world has never been in such a mess. 

Somehow, the layers that separate the globe are diminishing. What is happening in the USA will affect what is happening in Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East, and of course, Palestine. 

A capitalist preaches for socialism—a socialist travels in first-class and lectures from six stars hotels. A revolutionist arms his hidden bank accounts with wealth. The rule of law becomes the rule of who owns a gun.

Unlike other sovereign countries, we- Palestinians- lack that specific aspect of being a country: we call that mutated body of authority with no control by being authoritarian toward the people. We wait for a president to come and a president to leave to contemplate some change. Change is a big word we cannot think of. We consider some lifting of some pressure. Even pressure is something we got used to .. we have an authority who wants recognition by paying it money so that it can continue its authoritative illegitimate rule on the “cattle” that comprise us. 

The absence of legitimacy in the Palestinian context, in a world that is taking a steep with no brakes toward radical ideologies under the name of democracy, will only make things worse. 

The Americans\ and Israelis usually say: that what is good for America is good for Israel and vice versa. Let me assure you that what is happening in the Palestinian context will not be suitable for Israel. 

Israel is run by ideological amateurs who also believe maintaining the stays quo is good for Israel: feeding Palestinian corruption and blocking\securing borders while occupying whatever they can with more grabbing in annexation and swallowing resources.

They are easing and increasing the economy of the rich and influential business people who maintain the status quo fueled by corruption, nepotism, bribery, fraud, and resource swindling among those in control. Those in the power of the governments with those in the power of the trade. A neo-liberal reality with two unjointed poles: a few tens with all the money and resources, and a few millions of a population consuming and borrowing to survive in an incapable mode of reacting but to the need to survive by securing what feeds the day.

A society that is losing what is left from its fabric to fundamentalism and radicalism… religious or anti-religious, conservation or progressive, rich or poor, white or colored, peaceful or warful, all join in scorn and divergence to the “other”.

Money laundering, weapons, drugs, and shady land dealings between selling to settler organizations and PA grabbing land to PA strongmen investors. Israel maintains a “secure coordination” to ensure depravity is incorrigible. 

“peace,” …even hardly heard or mentioned, continues to serve as the code of investment for all who impend gains from an ongoing conflict. 

White-washing, grey-washing, pink-washing, ….a mixed with all colors washing that needs laundering in such a messy, dirty reality situation. 

Hypocrisy is the new term for diversity in today’s living reality. 

Everyone is selling terms they don’t believe in. promising what they will not fulfill—assuring what they will betray—committing to a two-state in a one-state reality of apartheid.

They are calling for respect for human rights while violating humanity. 

Endorsing justice while exploiting laws. 

It recognizes the Palestinians’ rights to exist with dignity while sponsoring occupation and a corrupt regime of illegitimacy, where injustice is the canon, corruption is the dominant, and nepotism is the overriding path.

We expect Biden’s visit will continue to endorse the status quo: a status quo of diminishing Palestinians between a venomous occupation and an illegitimate regime.

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