On Occupation

I started this blog to write about my reflections on being a woman, just to realise that being a Palestinian is all about being under occupation .
It is practically impossible to manoeuvre our world around anything else.
One can steal a laugh here and some fun moments there . But there is something so forcefully enlivening in everything that as to do wit hour lives that makes us always turn around in circles around ourselves.
It is just occupation …
It is just how begin a Palestinian is …
Everything else is just a passing moment of momentarily coincidences…

13 thoughts on “On Occupation

  1. I’m only liking this post because these words have a deeper meaning and emotion attached to them that can’t be ignored. I hope that the occupation comes to an end and justice is made for the palestinians that have suffered through hell and worse.

  2. There is another perspective we should all consider. Essentially, we all live in occupation. We are told where we can and cannot live, as though Human Beings are property of governments. By design, governments and religion create separation amongst all people. As Human Beings, we are bigger than that. Unity among the species is only possible when we are free to experience each other without absurd restrictions that control how we do so.

    Your blog is very interesting….keep it going…..

    1. it is true that there is a perspective here .. however , the choice to choose to live under occupation , where someone assigns for us to live remains a choice.
      ours in Palestine is not a choice.

  3. I just read your profile. Thank you for breaking all the stereotypes about Arab Muslim women! You are a very impressive person. I wish you the best of luck in your life adventure.

  4. Jews were living in and ruling city-states in the geographical area called Palestine for thousands of years before Muhammad was born. It is their homeland and it was much larger than it is today. Pre-Islamic Arabs were nomadic tribes. As late as the 1980’s, when I was there, Jews in Palestine still identified themselves as Palestinians. The Koran identifies Palestine as Judiah, the land of the Jews. The term “occupation” used in the context of Jews or Israeli’s or Zionist in the geographic area known as Palestine is propaganda. It is disinformation used to incite unrest and violence. If Arab Muslims living in Israel put down their weapons, open their eyes, and stop the jihadis in their community, then they will see peace, and see the walls come down and see their neighborhoods and lives bloom. The truth is Arab Muslims are attempting to use violence and propaganda take over the native homeland of the Jews, up to and including genocide of Jews, and they have been doing so for multiple generations.

  5. It’s a bit more than that- Philistines, Canaanites, Abraham, 1947-8, etc. Palestinians might return to the U.N 1947 settlement, when given a sovereign nation, and recognize their neighbor. In the mean time, Martin Luther King and Gandhi have methods of peaceful protest. But now, hope is two generations away.

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