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Journalism : the tool that makes the arts of politics..possible.

ImageJournalism: the tool that makes the arts of politics possible .

Another catchy article this morning, it is again about the epic legendary Auschwitz visit of the former university professor.

It is a bit of awakening call for my naivety I would say. It is a just a confirmation that media is not about right or wrong, it is about making news. This fight, personal struggle to attempt to make things right, I understand completely that right and wrong is also conceptual. My right could definitely be somebody else’s wrong and vice versa. But again, being naïve says it all. In a naive righteous person’s perspective, truth is truth. But again we live in a world of ‘politics as the art of the impossible’ and media is definitely its main tool.

As promised by the writer of the article, the statement of the university is in the link. The part that says the other side of the coin stands in the last paragraph of the article, which comprises let’s say one fifth of the article?

Journalism nowadays reminds me of law. Two professions that are taught to stand up against human abuses and misapplications and are used as a tool to serve the abusive and contemptible.

Somehow, candidly, what catches readers in western media is such twisting in realities. No one is really interested in the truth.

And, yet, Truth stands as always between two poles of two stories. One is Rightful, and the other is; rightful too.

And just to be positive , this is what I could use of the article, and would make me appreciative to the author for integrity in journalism , even in the last few lines of the article.

Mustafa Abu Sway, a philosophy professor at Al-Quds, also said the furor was not an issue of academic freedom. He said Mr. Dajani’s initiative was irrelevant in the context of Palestinian powerlessness under occupation. The Al-Quds campus is adjacent to Israel’s 400-mile-long security barrier that severs the university from Jerusalem and can add hours to the daily commute for students and professors. The university buildings are pockmarked with bullet holes from several incursions by Israeli troops who have fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition into the campus.

“I have no problem visiting Auschwitz myself or taking Palestinian students to Auschwitz on my own terms,” said Mr. Abu Sway. But, he added, “being an educated person about the Holocaust does not end the occupation.”’s-official-statement-regarding-dr-m-dajani-s-resignation.html


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Israeli Intelligent Intelligence!!

Israeli Intelligent Intelligence!!.

Israeli Intelligent Intelligence!!

The Israeli Shin Bet (intelligence) announces the names of the suspected kidnappers… So what is that supposed to mean ? A breakthrough in the search ?

After more than ten days of excessive “search” for clues from South to North . Destruction of properties, obliteration of possessions ,agonizing a whole society, ,aggression towards the youth and the elderly , violence, snatching children.

Why am I perceiving this as another unintelligent thoughtless news ?

So if the Israeli Intelligent intelligence knew about these two men , who I even knew about from the second day , because the names of the Kawasme men were mentioned as the first lead to the search all over the news .Why did they search elsewhere ? Why were they pretending to search for the settlers even inside a donkey’s mouth (this is real ) . Why did they raid universities ? Why did they chase children ?

Linguistic terrorism: Somebody buy Israeli politicians a dictionary

Linguistic terrorism: Somebody buy Israeli politicians a dictionary.

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