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Reflections on Nationality: Should I cry you Palestine:

Reflections on Nationality: Should I cry you Palestine:.

Reflections on Nationality: Should I cry you Palestine:

Should I cry you Palestine?

November 29, 2012
Should I cry you Palestine?
Another time , in another scenario that is embraced under the umbrella of the united nation .
When sixty four years ago , the announcement of Israel was made, out of nothing ,
Today the announcement of Palestine would be made , but to nothing.
It is a sad day for what is left of Palestine ..
Palestine the meaning
Palestine the nationhood
Palestine the homeland
Palestine the geography
Palestine the people
Palestine the resistance
Palestine the cause…
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no meaning left except the pronunciation of the word that has been engraved in our existence.
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no borders or sovereignty.
A Palestine with an authority that safeguards Oppression .
A Palestine with an erased geography
A Palestine with a displaced population
A Palestine with chunks of a land
A Palestine with a fraction of people.
Tonight , I am crying Palestine ,
To an announcement of a word that will be meaningless ..
To a word that will take away my dream of a land
Our aspiration to freedom
Our thrive to be a normal citizen of a normal country.
Tonight we will have a Palestine ,
With separated borders ,
Seized cities ,
Surrounded with wired walls and checkpoints.
Enclaved with settlements
A Palestine with  foggish institutions
A Palestine with dependent economy
A Palestine with defined borders only in the clouds
A Palestine that transferred into an air bubble….where it’s people has been resigned to live in since two decades..
A bubble that when blown uphill consist of both the people and the land…
Rest in peace… My sweet dream of Palestine….

my piece of philosophy for the day !!

my piece of philosophy for the day !!.

my piece of philosophy for the day !!

My side of philosophy …. or should it be my philosophical side? 

That is a philosophical start !!!!

The whole business of trying to make sense of things , to existence in bigger words. 

Trying to make sense of existing definitions ,state of minds…

Trying to make sense of preset ideas and ideals that have already shaped our mind-framework. 

In a living world that traps us in the past and entraps us in a bubble of the  future … 

what remains of philosophical mind is just an attempt to make sense of the unliving present …

In philosophising the Extinct philosophically towards defining the distinct….


1396 Zionists Entered Al-Aqsa since June 1: NGO

My Incoherence of the day

Having a fruitless attempt to work on my paper resulted in the following:

Watching cloud atlas; some 3 hours movie, still having to digest it, too rational, great actors, I am not sure they were in the complete hook with the plot.

Discovering sky news in Arabic, and well, it is FIFA, Da’esh, and of course Palestine is always on News.

Facebook is quiet after a long night with the Brazil – Croatia match.

A discussion with an Iraqi Christian friend about the cruelty, savagely nature of Islam. A hardline focus, changing our usual monolingual argument, since he is a specialist of theology. From a distance he missed my new developments and my Islamic philosophy track … the enjoyable part was that I was practicing on my next week presentation. I know it was tricky since I was handling a discussion with my assignment book next to me “ The church in the shadow of the mosque,” which actually made me eloquent!!)).

The Palestinian chaos makes me speechless. I can get to the issue of the Israel-Palestine question, the interreligious debate among the three religions since the seventh century onward; I can try to rationalize what is happening in Syria and Iraq (I mean try to understand what is going on). I can follow on teen shootings and the U.S., on why Bashar won the elections, on why Shakira came back with her song and also Jenifer Lopez to the Mondial …

But the Palestinian issue is really too confusing to my little head …

A quite ‘dear’ conversation is taking place between Livni and Malki in a snapshot that explains some of our mysteries. Our ambassador to the U.K asks Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Palestinian Police hit and separate a demonstration that supports the prisoners. While Netanyahu is passing laws to force-feeding prisoners in hospitals. While the inmate’s cause is becoming another righteous cause, the Palestinian Authority seems to be walking in another path. The whole Palestinian cause has been leaked in to become a case. While Jerusalem stands in a three meters photo in the Tashrifat hall and seems to make, them reach home, while a sheik is lecturing about Jerusalem.

(Now I am watching Palestine TV, and it is a live coverage to the Friday prayer). And since Jerusalem is out of reach, or not in the plan of a future Palestine, exactly like refugees, and now also the prisoners … there is an apparent deal that is going on with complete secrecy that its price will be whatever is left of us as people…

I have to stop here .. this Friday Prayer … killed my imagination

مهاترات وطن : خطبه الجمعه من مسجد التشريفات

بكل قرف اقول بان الكلمات تعجز عن الخروج… بينما اسمع خطبه الجمعه من خلال تلفزيون فلسطين ومباشره مما يسمى بمسجد التشريفات وبحضور السيد الرئيس. رجل ، لابد انه مهم، يؤم بكبارات الوطن ، بلباس ليس بلباس ما نعهده من لبس الشيوخ ، ولكن بكلام لا يختلف عن ذلك الكلام الذي يخرج من مغر القاعده . كم اشعر بالسخط، كيف يسمح لشخص ان يأخذ الامامه في صلاه وخطبه جمعه برئيس وحاشيته بان يكون عنوان خطبته المصالحه وفحواها كره وفتنه ..كيف يسمح بان يقذف بخطبه جمعه باسماء اناس اخرون ، كيف يسمح بان يثير فتنه لم تجمد بعد بين اشطار الوطن الممزق اصلا ؟ لقد اختزلت فلسطين في قاعه سميت مسجدا ، واصبحت القدس في حائط يكتفي المزايدون بتحريرها بكلمات واهيه .. ..واصبحت الحريه في مقاومه حماس حتى بعد المصالحه . وامسى الاحتلال في خطبه الجمعه سلعه يتم استعمالها لتمجيد الرئيس . وكآن الاحتلال انتهي ، والاسرى تحرروا …والقدس عادت …والمستعمرات سقطت…واللاجئون عادوا ….الجدار زال …،الحواجز تفككت…وبقي…في الوطن معاشات تتقاتل عليها جماعه فتح وحماس !!!!!!!! فعلا …. على رأي محمد منير…. مدد مدد مدد وحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

Muhatarat watan ( incoherence) of …:Friday prayer in the President’s Presence

Khutbah al Jum’a (Friday Prayer)

I can’t miss this one,

Time: Now

Location: Virtual: Palestine TV, Actual, Tashrifat Hall (mosque ) in Ramallah. Imagination: Jerusalem (the Picture of Jerusalem is on the wall).

Speaker: Supposedly a sheik, sheiks ‘supposed to be making the Friday prayer. Appearance: Quite polished. Name: I don’t know. He is busy mentioning Hamas people’s names. (Enlightening I would say)

Subject: Anti-Hamas Rally (demonstration)

This man is switching from God and prayer to the reconciliation, and I cant believe what is taking place, while the president is sitting in this prayer gathering, he is gossiping in a prayer about Al Sahar … accusing the zahhar (Hamas man) that he is a creator of fitan (fitna) … the khutba is becoming a rally against Hamas. Or specifically al zahhar.

No, he is discussing the economical plan, he is just responding to assumed (probably true as well) Hamas accusations to the Fateh government (I mean free, temporarily, reconciliation government).

I continue to watch this nonsense, a man, a sheik, in the official mosque of the Palestinian Authority (president), while the president himself is sitting and contemplating at the moment, is deliberately making a defense speech for Abbas and a disgusting, I would say offense on Hamas.

After the reconciliation.

Hamas remains to be the main enemy … the cause of a nation is becoming a name. A personal attack against a, b, and c…

And now he is putting God and the Prophet to the context … when I hear this nonsense… I understand why the world perceives us as terrorists, intolerant and ignorant.

This man should be hanged from his tongue in the Manara Square … (not to be killed, just put him instead of the monument there)

Noam Chomsky: A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination Is Being Created in One of the World’s Freest Countries

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