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I still don’t know how to maneuver around this blog …. However , I decided to dedicate this section for my researches. Somehow it just occurred to me that this could be a good idea. After all . An important part of me is a researcher , and while my attempt has nothing to do with scientific research ,even though it is based on that . What I seek is knowledge. A knowledge that I am trying to gain in order to understand somehow what this life of ours is about ….
I hope it will be useful… after all , I realised that I have completed three post-graduate programs and two (one day will finish) MA programs and around ten vocational training on related interest issues that accumulated a lot of trials .

The question of one of my supervisors still ring in my head when he asked me why I wanted to do a PhD: ” do you want to spend unlimited time exhausting writing on a topic in order to have it published in a book or a journal that only a few read ? or do you want to pursue a career in teaching ? ” As much as I was enjoying that discipline I was taming myself with , something inside me was suffocating. I was worried about that genuine passion I have when I explore a topic and evolve into it . There is something in academic writing that tames the soul while attempting to discipline the brain . And something inside me want to keep that wild soul of mine … A soul still wondering searching for its own freedom…

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  1. Leonardo da Vinci could be a good role model – the universal man (person) – radical, far-seeing, intensely curious about every aspect of the World and on a never-ending quest to understand it better and achieve selective perfection (in art and some other things. He was rubbish at personal relationships apparently). Would da Vinci have chosen to study a PHD if he was alive today? I think he would have taken the Bob Langer approach instead – assemble a bunch of smart people together who each have multiple doctorates. Coax and coach them to collaborate on the big scientific research issues of the day and stay in the eye of the hurricane!

    1. well actually, i have always fantasised discovering my artistic side at the age of seventy and my writings to be discovered kafka style … so between da vinci ( who ever that artist who discovered himself at the age of seventy , i used to call myself a picasso in the making ) and Kafka i find the little Nietzsche in me playing around ))))) …referring to Da Vinci at the moment reminds me with the similarities .. i could take the rubbish side of personal relationships )) .. thanks for the tip)))))..

  2. Dear Nadia,
    My name is Dirk Verhofstadt (see:, Actually I’am writing a book about the subjection of women during history.
    I found on the internet your excellent paper about Ibn Rushd (Averroes) views about women. Can you tell me in which year you wrote this (which is necessary for my reference to it in a footnote)? Have you written any other papers about women’s rights and misogyny in the course of history?
    I look forward to your answer and thank you in advance,
    With best regards,
    Dirk Verhofstadt
    Professor Ghent University

    1. Dear Dirk,
      The article was published in 2013. If you are interested my thesis is on women’s status in the medieval Centuries through Ibn Rushd, Ghazali and Ibn Taymiya, with a contemporary debate with Merniss and Saadawi. My other thesis is on the emerging of Palestinian Women Movement in Jerusalem during the British Mandate. I will be happy to send you if you wish. This is my email :

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