This is how we fought in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Testimonies

Another killing … another state of loss

It is another time when I look around me and think: ” God, I am scared” . Could it be that helplessness of being a mother ? That continuous scene of children leaving home not to ever come back again ? Is it the fact that children grow and accidents happen , just like a […]

عزيزي حسن

بينما وجدت نفسي غارقة بكمبيوتري الخاص اتصفح دفائنه … رايت رسالة كتبتها لحسن. وليس لدي ادنى فكره من هو حسن. ولكن ما استوقني في رسالتي احسن المجهول لي ، انه ومرة اخرى يتشابه اليوم بالامس . قد يتغير حسن ولكن لا تتغير الاحداث، ويبدو ان هذه الرسالة جاءت ضمن موقف مشابه لما حدث بالامس من […]

A passing thought : Humanitarian Tourism

Humanitarian Tourism… Living in a life full of contradictions. Injustices and integrity. Prejudice and gender equality . Regimes being destroyed, autonomies being occupied under liberation notions and emancipation. Dictatorship supported under rule of law conceptions and shadows of democracy. Men, women, children… dead bodies spread all over the world. Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Palestine …..and […]

A reflection on a bitter Reality

A reflection on a Bitter Reality , As we are witnessing this massive israelization to Jerusalem as never before, we are also witnessing a colossal thump on our national identity . we are torn into a Fateh and Hamas ,and the occupation is surrounding us expanding its colonies, israelizing our homes and roads, enclaving us […]

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