A leadership Crisis, ازمة قيادة

عزيزي حسن

بينما وجدت نفسي غارقة بكمبيوتري الخاص اتصفح دفائنه ... رايت رسالة كتبتها لحسن. وليس لدي ادنى فكره من هو حسن. ولكن ما استوقني في رسالتي احسن المجهول لي ، انه ومرة اخرى يتشابه اليوم بالامس . قد يتغير حسن ولكن لا تتغير الاحداث، ويبدو ان هذه الرسالة جاءت ضمن موقف مشابه لما حدث بالامس من… Continue reading عزيزي حسن


a reflection on the mess

This could be another state of desperate confusion, yes perplexity. But perplexity is a state of sophistication I assume. I am not in that state at all… It is the usual state of being unable to define things. So many bad news around. I don’t know again if it is all a coincidence. I don’t… Continue reading a reflection on the mess

Incoherences of a nation, On Occupation

Reality or Illusion

Reality of IllusionIn a start up of a year , that all its realities are nothing but a continued illusion . I feel myself forced to stop and allude myself with a reality that continues to force itself into an illusion .Of course this must be the effect of philosophy studies on me . At… Continue reading Reality or Illusion

A leadership Crisis, Incoherences of a nation, On Occupation, reflections on reality

Nakba or Defeat… a year before.. a year after

Nakba or Defeat … What is the difference? 66, 67, 68  years ago,  a new state was given birth and half a population of a nation were displaced. Should we have accepted the partition plan? Should we have accepted peace with the new state that was given by force our own land? Would that have… Continue reading Nakba or Defeat… a year before.. a year after