A real Reflection on Reality : Facts and Figures on East Jerusalem 2015

This is what makes a real reflection on Reality : A new report by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) provides a concerning overview of the human rights situation for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The report – East Jerusalem: Facts and Figures 2015 – paints a picture of persistent neglect and increasing violence. Facts […]

الاسكان في القدس- ورقه بحثية

الاسكان في القدس مقدمة- القدس قبل وبعد أوسلو القدس بين إسرائيل والقانون الدولي قضية الإسكان في القدس تسجيل الاراضي إحكام سيطرة اسرائيل على الأراضي: مصادرة املاك الغائبين المناطق المغلقة : الاعلان عن اراضي الدولة رخص البناء الخاتمه : هدم البيوت المراجع الاسكان في القدس مقدمة منذ قيام إسرائيل سنة ١٩٤٨ ، واحتلالها لفلسطين الذي امتد […]

Jerusalem, Between Urban Area and Apparition

Jerusalem, Between Urban Area and Apparition From Multi-ethnic City to nationalism? Jerusalem in the early 20th century   Mamilla Introduction : Jerusalem, City of Collision. Home to the most sacred sites to all three religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; that embraces within it the Western Wall, a remnant of the Second Temple and the holiest […]

Talking Jerusalem

June 2013 Ir Amim, Divided Jerusalem or United Talking Jerusalem, Living under occupation has always been a striving drive towards maintaining an identity that shapes Palestinians in general and in Jerusalem in particular despite the situation. In spite the fact that it might have been a weakness decades along that we Palestinians pretended the non-existence […]

Research Paper : Jerusalemites : Acquired rights and given rights within the UDHR

November 2011 What are the rights we did not receive from occupation What are the rights we want to receive and couldn’t receive? The General Assembly proclaims The UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of […]

مقارنة بين القدس في العهد البيزنطي والأموي من الناحية السياسية والدينية والمعماريةResearch Paper.

مقارنة بين القدس في العهد البيزنطي والأموي من الناحية السياسية والدينية والمعمارية. شهدت القدس سباقا حضاريا بين الشعوب المختلفة , اتسم بالمنافسة الواضحة في السباق المعماري , الذي شكل طابع المدينة في معالمها الدينية المختلفة . في حين حاولت القوى المختلفة بسط نفوذها على المدينة بالقوة , إلا أنه سرعان ما حاولت تلك القوى رسم […]

Research Paper : Book Review : Discrimination in the Heart of the Holy City.

Book Review : Discrimination in the Heart of the Holy City Meir Margalit     What Meir Margalit tries to emphasize on, in his book, are the tricks and manipulations that the Israeli government, represented by its different authorities, each within its own level and capacity, to continue what he describes as “discrimination “ in […]

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