Reflection on Occupation : Gaza and the Sea

Gaza and the SeaIs it just a new-fangled scenario that add to our grieve? Is it an added collection of martyrs ? Should we rejoice the joining of International martyrs to the flock of Palestinian Martyrdom ?Israel once again ….preparing itself since the morning to criminalize the victims and spreading salt on the dead bodies […]

Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?

Bye Bye Peace????? It is one of those funny days …. It felt really good to look into the headlines and for the very first time maybe I was gazing into a good news .. Palestinians reach an agreement to reconciliation . And suddenly headlines were flashing with opposition , “Netanyahu: PA must choose between […]

A diary on Occupation : The language I use is the language I feel .

The language I use is the language I feel. Sometimes there is no place left for making it softer. Today I received this from an Israeli friend responding to my post about the Israeli invasion of Palestine TV program Good Morning Jerusalem: “I think this piece (as well as some others) would be far more […]

Life Under Occupation : Invading Palestine TV (Palmedia Studios) in Jerusalem

Life under occupation : Invading Palestine TV in Jerusalem   Another episode with the occupation took place this morning when the Israeli forces invaded the Live Broadcasting of Good Morning Jerusalem Show in Jerusalem ,and arrested the Producer and the Cameraman . As I was looking at it , I felt this was taking place […]

Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President

  My dog and the president ( a confused title for a confused situation) My search for Brownie (the dog), reminded me of our failure as a nation. I was wondering like a fool probing for a “stolen” dog, that seemed appealing in the eyes of those youngsters inside a society, those eyes you with […]

Reflection on Occupation : Back from Abroad through the Allenby Bridge

Coming back to the same time zone and twilight zone as well … as if all my feelings and sensations that I left right here on this border of the bridge when I left Jerusalem a week ago are back waiting all jamming like those people I have been around for the last few hours […]

living to be occupied

  A reflection on occupation We were taught when we were young that colonization occurs for different reasons ,mostly because the colonizer wants the commodities of that country for economical reasons . Being among the few nations under official occupation in the current history , occupation transferred into an industry . I had the opportunity […]


whatever     For the past almost two weeks , everything was overwhelmingly surprising on the political bubble. Suddenly growing and growing and at a pin point splashing into enormous ridiculous drops . I was so furious , to express my rage in Arabic. It happened to me when I decided to get a divorce. […]

شرف وطن ..امرأته عورة

في بلد يبخس في حياة إناثه ويحتكر الشرف في جسد فتاه والمرأة فيه سلعة للدخول للعالم من خلال المخاصصه في “ العنصر النسائي” و والعلم فيه أصبح شهاده يتنافس فيها على الحصول على حرف الدال لا من آجل المعرفه في بلد يرى الحارس والوزير نفسه رئيسا في بلد يصبح فيه الحجاب منظرا محرجا او طريق الايمان […]

Reflections of a naive woman…an old reflection

My thoughts are winding in my brain in many directions . unfaithfulness, cheating, screwing, whatever it could be called. It is happening everywhere and we are all part of it , and  yet can’t understand or get to a point were we know what is going on and why . As if it is an […]

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