On Nakba and Independence

On Nakba and Independence… heated discourse

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection It actually doesn’t happen very often to grab a book from cover to cover in one single strike, especially when it is a book you are handling for research reasons, and you are not really supposed to finish it all. […]

All for Peace: Nadia’s Jerusalem Insight : Another hit ..another murder, killing whatever


Another killing … another state of loss

It is another time when I look around me and think: ” God, I am scared” . Could it be that helplessness of being a mother ? That continuous scene of children leaving home not to ever come back again ? Is it the fact that children grow and accidents happen , just like a […]

Talking Jerusalem

June 2013 Ir Amim, Divided Jerusalem or United Talking Jerusalem, Living under occupation has always been a striving drive towards maintaining an identity that shapes Palestinians in general and in Jerusalem in particular despite the situation. In spite the fact that it might have been a weakness decades along that we Palestinians pretended the non-existence […]

Being a Palestinian is a Mission .

Thought about being Palestinian crossed my mind and I found myself saying: “ Being a Palestinian is a mission.” That thought crossed while my daughter Serena was telling me that she wants to contribute with half the money she collected from the Eid, and not all to the people of Gaza. I was proud that […]

My Incoherence of the day

Having a fruitless attempt to work on my paper resulted in the following: Watching cloud atlas; some 3 hours movie, still having to digest it, too rational, great actors, I am not sure they were in the complete hook with the plot. Discovering sky news in Arabic, and well, it is FIFA, Da’esh, and of […]

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