Talking Jerusalem

June 2013 Ir Amim, Divided Jerusalem or United Talking Jerusalem, Living under occupation has always been a striving drive towards maintaining an identity that shapes Palestinians in general and in Jerusalem in particular despite the situation. In spite the fact that it might have been a weakness decades along that we Palestinians pretended the non-existence… Continue reading Talking Jerusalem


Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?

Bye Bye Peace?????It is one of those funny days .... It felt really good to look into the headlines and for the very first time maybe I was gazing into a good news .. Palestinians reach an agreement to reconciliation . And suddenly headlines were flashing with opposition , "Netanyahu: PA must choose between peace… Continue reading Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?

Incoherences of a nation, On Occupation

Reality or Illusion

Reality of IllusionIn a start up of a year , that all its realities are nothing but a continued illusion . I feel myself forced to stop and allude myself with a reality that continues to force itself into an illusion .Of course this must be the effect of philosophy studies on me . At… Continue reading Reality or Illusion