Just be …. A …

Just be …. A woman .

Muhatarat (incoherence: A thought on the Day , women’s Day

A thought on the day I am trying to write something that my pen doesn’t grasp…. Somewhere in my head it’s not ready yet… But so many things are happening around .. So much focus on prisoners hunger strike, Israeli apartheid , a prisoner that was martyred, a wounded demonstrator that joined in martyrdom rally […]

Trust your intu…

Trust your intuition.. it will never fail you … it is only people who fails you ..

reflections on ….a woman’s life??

My mentor was telling me that my choice of attraction to men seems to surprise him, and summing up from a collection of different kind of ex I was thinking. I am someone who is fascinated by Nietzsche.. do I need more explanation to how far I can go with the different mental disturb bands […]

Reflections of a naive woman…an old reflection

My thoughts are winding in my brain in many directions . unfaithfulness, cheating, screwing, whatever it could be called. It is happening everywhere and we are all part of it , and  yet can’t understand or get to a point were we know what is going on and why . As if it is an […]

Each day I grow…

Each day I grow into maturity , I realise how much the child in me , probably a teenager by now needs to flourish . It is amazing how it comes together .. Maturity and nourishing the child within…. This is the story of my life… A search backed up by my four rays of […]

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