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The israeli occupation torturing non jewish children

“Were you in a hurry to heaven?” Mother of teen killed by Israeli sniper speaks

“Were you in a hurry to heaven?” Mother of teen killed by Israeli sniper speaks.

Signs of intifada emerge, but this time it’s aimed at Abbas, too

Signs of intifada emerge, but this time it’s aimed at Abbas, too.

Signs of intifada emerge, but this time it’s aimed at Abbas, too

Haaretz Monday, June 23, 2014


Signs of intifada emerge, but this time it’s aimed at Abbas, too


The Palestinian president will soon have to decide whether he’s in favor of Israel or his own people.


By Jack Khoury



A Fatah member considered a loyalist of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told me over the weekend that he and his teenage son had bitterly quarreled. The subject: the boy’s Facebook posts that harshly criticized Abbas.


Fearing reprisals from people on the street, the man convinced his son to delete some of the posts and tone down others. But he understood the anger of his son and his generation.


“This is a generation that grew up after the Oslo Accords and was fairly young during the second intifada. This generation cheered Abu Mazen (Abbas) when he spoke from the UN podium asking for recognition from the world and the international community — a generation that innocently thought a Palestinian state was within reach and now feels that everything has blown up,” the Fatah member said.


“At the moment of truth there is no state and no sovereignty. It’s the same cruel occupation, the same checkpoints, the same settlements that are expanding before [my son’s] and his friends’ eyes. The same army, the same terrible midnight visits and searches — everything under the pretext of security,” the Fatah member said, adding that the current situation will boomerang on everyone.


Anyone who has been traveling around the West Bank in recent days understands that the boy’s anger is nothing unusual. It’s the general feeling in cities and villages from Hebron in the south to Jenin in the north.


Right after the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers, one could speak of shock mixed with support in the West Bank, while others were silent. The Israelis’ big wave of arrests was expected; during the first week it took place with little incident. But there has been an escalation in recent days. More and more young people are going out onto the streets and confronting the troops.


“No jeep left here without a scratch,” boasted a 17-year-old boy. The longer the conflict lasts, the more tensions will increase. “Now we see that they’re going into homes out of frustration and anger,” the teenager said. “It looks like they’re settling scores with everyone.”


The scene on the street calls to mind images of the first intifada — young people throwing stones and bottles at soldiers. But this time a key variable is in the picture: the Palestinian Authority’s security forces. On Friday, after a wave of arrests in Hebron, Palestinian forces prevented marches organized by Hamas. Palestinian police fired into the air to disperse the demonstrators, who were chanting slogans against the security coordination between Israel and the PA.


Officials in Ramallah aren’t hiding their anger over Abbas’ speech when he demanded that the three teenagers be released; many people say he didn’t speak in the same tone about Israel’s violations in the West Bank or Palestinian prisoners’ suffering. Palestinians understood this very well, and Abbas’ subsequent efforts to repair the bad impression didn’t help much.


So now we’re getting demonstrations and marches. Hamas is showing signs of supporting an intifada, putting Abbas and his deputies in a tight spot. On the one hand, Israel is constantly applying pressure. On the other, the Palestinians are showing signs of despair. Abbas will have to decide where he’s headed — coordination with Israel or with his own people.


words of wisdom: from Amin Ma’louf

words of wisdom: from Amin Ma’louf.

words of wisdom: from Amin Ma’louf

……..I had to await my first white hairs, my first regrets, before becoming convinced that every man , including my father ,had the right to take the wrong road if he believed he was pursuing happiness.

From that time, I began to cherish his erring ways, just as I hope that you will cherish mine, my son.

I wish that you too will sometimes get lost in your turn.

And I hope that ,

like him,

you will love to the point of tyranny,

and that you will long remain receptive to the noble temptation of life .


Amin Maalouf

Leo the African

I believe that …

I believe that being a mother is not always positive, because women could be driven in both ways, either being so protective and hence submissive. Or becoming daring trying to save life.
It is sad that we start looking for ways how to teach men when we miss the chance of raising them up . (something I wrote back in 2008… an interesting debating idea to me at the moment )

مهاترات وطن : الم يحن الوقت بعد

مهاترات وطن : الم يحن الوقت بعد.

مهاترات وطن : الم يحن الوقت بعد

ما اشبه اليوم بالامس !!!!!


الم يحن الوقت بعد للبدء ببناء الانسان الفلسطيني

اشعر بالغثيان لما يجري

تصريح هنا وتكذيب هناك

خيانات تزين بأكاذيب مصممة للانسان الذي لا يقرأ ولا يفهم

الم يحن الوقت بعد للتوقف عن الاستهتار بعقولنا , بذكائنا او حتى انسانيتنا ,

نحن شعب مر بداخل عروقه الاحتلال ولم يستطع ان يقمعه

ويأتي من امنهم هذا الشعب على كيانه ووجوده وبقائه

ليحقنوه بدم فاسد لم تستطع اساطيل الاحتلال وسطوته افساده عبر الزمن

الم تسأموا من خطاباتكم الزائفة الملتوية التي لم تعد اذاننا تستطيع حتى تمريرها عبر قنواتها

الم تكفكم دماء هذا الشعب التي اهدرت مع ريائكم

الم يكفكم شتات هذا الشعب الذي اصبح مغترسا في منفاه

الم يكفكم شهادتنا على خنوعكم

الم يكفكم رمينا في شوارع ما كانت منازلنا وشحدتكم علينا

الم يكفكم هوانكم على مصادرة اراضينا وهدم منازلنا واخلاؤنا من بيوتنا ومحاربتنا في لقمة عيشنا

وتأتون اليوم , وتتنازلون بدم بارد ليس فيه نبض من اي نفحة احساس بالحياة

وتخطون بحبركم الفاسد اجساد ضحايانا اقلاما لخيانتكم

وتتمددون باروقة الهوان والمذلة على ركام بيوتنا وتشتيت اسرنا

مللنا فسادكم

قرفنا هوانكم

وتحملنا خذولكم

واليوم تلحقون علينا العار بخيانتكم

عريتمونا حتى من ما كان ممكن ان يستر عوراتنا

وتستمرون في خداعنا

ونستمر في قرفنا لدرجة الغثيان منكم

عار عليكم ما فعلتموه

وعار اكبر ما تستمرون في فعله

اخرجوا من وجودنا

انصرفوا من كياناتنا

ارجعوا الى جحوركم التي جئتم منها

فأنت لم تعيثوا فينا الا خرابا

اتركونا لنرجع الانسان بداخلنا

اتركونا لنبني انفسنا من جديد

اتركونا لنبني ما تبقى من انسانيتنا هذا ان كان للانسانية فينا مكانا .


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