An open letter to Netanyahu

An open letter to Netanyahu
The attack that took place yesterday in Jerusalem, when a truck driver rammed into a group of soldiers, was not another reflection of ISIS series of terror attacks. As we might argue about how we define horror, or if this specific ramming could be considered a panic attack. This can fall into the mere perception of justification when we know that the deceased were soldiers.
I don’t want to enter into the argument of reason here. But I don’t mind highlighting my personal input on this. I am not for all actions (killings) that target people. I can also say that I do not support the idea that they were soldiers. For me, they were still people at a bus stop not at a checkpoint or inside a war zone.
But ….how do we define a war zone? How does this apply into what Israel justifies all the time when killing Palestinians. So somehow this attack could be justifiable on many (legitimate) (righteous) means, it was on an occupied Palestinian land, an area grabbed forcedly by your government from what should be the Palestinian side of Jerusalem in accordance with the green line alignments of a future “possible” “aspired” solution … not by you of course. But since we are trying to find a baseline here to our argument. And the deceased were people in military uniform; so you are talking about a legitimate attack in regards to international lines.
If I were you, instead of going as far as Berlin and Nice and starting your usual blame games, and somehow allusively find a way to connect yourself (Israel) with the civilized world, as being targeted by the same terror threats …
EXCUSE ME, Mr. Netanyahu. You are in Jerusalem. I know that you will not even consider what it means to live as a Palestinian. In our best-accepted situation after the model of ethnic cleansing would be just some “goyim” that they are there to serve you. Allow me to take to some reality that you refuse to see, or of course, choose not to see. I don’t have to do a search for this man to understand what makes someone takes an end to his life. Because Mr. Netanyahu, people, others than you also have lives. And I may surprise you by saying that this man might have had dreams, aspirations, plans, just moments before your government drove him to his fateful decision of ending his life.
When your government has conducted around a hundred and fifty home demolitions since the beginning of this year. Do you understand or even realize what it means to strip people away from their fundamental rights in having a place to live? Demolitions in the middle of weather that even walls cannot protect from the harshness of the cold. Not to mention the abusiveness of such acts anytime.
You don’t need to have your house demolished to feel the fear and the oppressive chokings of such threat. It is there around us everywhere we move. In the neighborhoods, in the streets, in the news, and almost all, think in despair, with fear that captures them … one day will be his\her turn.
Do you know how Palestinians expect the entry of the year, by bills on taxes, warrants, threats, obligations that prohibit all means of life? Collective punishments on attacks, on Abbas, on the UN, on anyone.
Do you know what it means to be a man or a woman who feels from the very inside that he is incapable of providing a living for his family no matter how he moves forward?
You do know that Jerusalem is the poorest city in the income line of your country. And of course, you know well where poverty is hitting on the scale.
Let’s start from the allegation of ISIS connection. If you want to know how we view the identity of ISIS here, you, definitely from what ISIS falls in. Isis is about being criminal self-hating egoist tribal cult fundamentalist combinations put together to form an ideal. ISIS is an equation of crime based on ethnic hate. This is something that we Palestinians live under when we are subjected to the Israeli oppression by its different means.
Do you think that this man decided to end his life because he believes in a better-aspired afterlife? He is a man who lost hope. A man who is outraged of an oppressive lifestyle that insists on clawing its evilness into his every breath and move.
Do you understand what it means when someone who decided to take out his life this way knowing for sure that his death is not the only sad end, but a start of a new misery to his family? It means that he reached the peak of locked oppressive state of being, where he is haunted by full darkness. HELL. A life that is exactly valued with death.
Do you think that stripping the main components of what makes humanity take on to its leaks in people’s blood and sensation can leave you with “goyim” that you can enslave by your racist, fascist behaviors?
Each time, I witness such an operation, I think, how oppression can take so many levels beyond what the eye can capture, and handling it, can be as in this case and others, beyond what a human being can pertain.
As you do not hesitate in punishing whoever comes across you thinking that you can treat the people and create a sense of own censorship to Palestinian to that, the whole concept of collective punishment, seems to be also the same driver that makes such people decide to go out and get ends to their lives. It is the collective feeling of injustice, inequality, no scope of hope for a solution. And over it all, lays an unbearable life.
As much as you make the individual Palestinian who has no affiliation with a particular political group, get to a level where he feels that he is uncovered from all direction, no safety place to go or to be, no horizons for a future, no justice that can ever happen…. Your reactions are the same, one Palestinian is all the miseries and threats and horror of the universe collected, and hence, should collectively be punished.
The cycle of oppression cannot bring on except depression…. And oppressed, depressed people only way out in the loss of hope to a just life is death.



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