Death.. the absent the present


Death the absent the present ….

To the good memory of my dear friend Omar Badrieh , May your soul rest in peace

In the hectic way of life . With all the strangely bad news that is moving around . One would say , it is all part of the movement of life . Death , accidents , disasters …happen all the time , but they don’t necessary touch us . within the circle of life, we think we are immuned from such disasters. Even though we know that death is happening anyway . but we are never prepared to it . we are prepared to be shocked on the news of the death of a far a way person , a relatively close person . we are prepared to see the news on the newspaper . But it always far from us and our beloved ones. It is always too far from us .

In the last few days, the news of the killing of the young men from differnet part of the nation made the maybe look closer ,as we scroll down the social media and stalk into what was their private walls that was only accessible to their friends .

I was still recovering from the shocking news of a dear person surviving a deadly accident , thinking of how unpredictable life is . how much of how we can be planning our days and years to realize that we may simply have no control even on a moment . To receive a still shocking news about the death of a woman , that even though I can say I briefly knew . But destiny made our life intersect since we were in the university , to meet her in a strange encounter where somehow divorced women maybe tend to connect . Admittingly saying , that I failed to help or support . To later intersecting with her ex-husband who becomes a dear friend . Whne some months ago , I received the news of his fatal disease that seems to be giving him a very little time left for life . Watching him from a cowardly position , being unable to contribute with real support or anything , just praying indepth for his safety and health .

He was organizing his death . wisely he believed. Making peace with his ex-wife. Securing her and the kids. Making the perfect plan for his departure, while pretending he was defeating a cancer that is eating him rapidly .

The compromise with his wife must have been not easy for both of them , but she must have thought . He is leaving soon , let it end peacefully and wisely for the sake of the kids .

When suddenly , and with no previous alert or notice , death strikes her not him .

How strange . How fair or unfair . How just or unjust . How timely or untimely.

How could it be? The angel of death wondering probably in that house waiting for the time of that man to end, and in a sudden, or probably a totally destined prepared detour he decides to take her not him.

How striking death can be.

As if death mocks us even when it leaves us totally stripped from our powers. When we are totally empty handed, muted, shocked.

It continues to move around, with its own set of plans. With its own set of pre-set list … and watch us carefully, patiently, mockingly as we roam around our meaningless life.

I wish you the Peace you wished to have Aswan. There must be a fair, just situation up there, in that unknown place called eternity.

May your Soul Rest in Peace


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