living to be occupied


A reflection on occupation

We were taught when we were young that colonization occurs for different reasons ,mostly because the colonizer wants the commodities of that country for economical reasons .

Being among the few nations under official occupation in the current history , occupation transferred into an industry .

I had the opportunity to work and observe in different organizations and institutes , to make me realize the application of the what would have been taught in a history book about this process in the coming years.

Living the evil side of the good faced organizations who serve as AID providers to nations like mine .

Seeing and living the real meaning of colonization, that was officially declared to have ended in the last century ,with the last troops of colonizers leaving their last colonies in Africa and the Middle East .

Organizations such as the United Nation who started the misery of the Palestinian Nation and continue to exist on its Diaspora and coercion .

All this industry of all forms of Relief and Aid and Development , with names as big as the Red Cross, Oxfam ,and the list might just go along to reach a small organizations that became local as well . All serve to maintain sucking the blood of what once was a nation that needs to revive.

When I first work with an Israeli NGO I believed that what I was witnessing could end up as a normal situation, at the end I was a Palestinian working for the Israelis , no matter how leftly radicals they were, at the end they remained Israelis .

Working with a Palestinian Institution as important as a University , was intending to give me an important push towards enhancing my professional skills . I was doomed by a hard wall , however, I lived each day to witness the enhancement on all levels . In an institution that is as complicated as the cause of its nation , there is no way to have things easy. However , as tough as Palestinians are ,and as persistent as they are , the evolvement of a better system keeps happening . With a mere look to other national institutions , the situation seemed impossible and as hard as a steel bar .

And all that long of Relief and Development and Aid to the Palestinians lead with governments before organizations , all rushing to building our country and aiding us with projects that should sustain and development that should nourish .

A phenomenon that seems to be more dangerous than occupation itself , because it seems to be nothing but an extension of colonisation, with technology and different means of access, the new terms for colonizations are taking the shape of NGOization . looking at it closer and closer, it seems nothing more than another way of money laundering at a certain level , and then sending white collar laborers to expertise on us .


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