The Guide to Deliverance

As I am collecting myself leaving Berlin. Memories that will remain mixed with so much fun, great company, laughter will definitely stay. But this is not what Berlin here is about. The program. Philosophy. Islam. Intellectual Encounters. A thesis that should be submitted. How, remains in the epic question of Maha’s theory; (Maha’s theory is a theory I cannot reveal to public)).
A year full of challenging encounters in medieval history of the Islamic world. A taste of history that surpasses time and space.
An encounter of cultures.
An encounter of Scholarly world.
That shed the lights on our differences and similarities;
On our strengths and weaknesses
On our capabilities and maybe failures.
All again and again …
Intentionally or coincidentally.
Put us in the same place of zooming in and out our realities;
As people and as individuals.
How close and far we are from one another.
How capable to live and adapt, and isolate and dissent.
How programmized are we, and how spontaneous could we be?
A sphere of metaphysical existence;
That makes us be and not to be.
Like and despise.
Feel oppression and liberation.
Justice and unfairness.
And yet…
Continue to wonder searching for answers.
For the logical and illogical;
For the meaning of this existence …
Through its people.
Those that were once there and those of us that are here today.
And the search for an encounter …
Intellectual maybe takes another level
Another place and phase.
With us and those who will come after us.
A state of perplexity and error..
An aspiration for a guide towards our deliverance …


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