Coherence-ing Incoherence

I wish there is a rock, mountain high and distant from this universe, where one can have a look outside of those too many circles of complications that are surrounding us like a giant snake. The rock I mean needs to be on a different comet having a panoramic view on earth.

The situation around the globe seems like what I always call the Kafkaesque system applied in Jerusalem towards Palestinians.

The world is getting into this kafkaesque-ing situation that one cannot get his head from his toe anymore. From the reconciliation government between Fateh and Hamas to the removal of Hamas from the terrorist organizations today by the EU Justice Court. And swinging on a UNSC resolution application between an expected veto by the U.S.A or not.

A lot took place in between, and it wasn’t just the kidnapping of three Israeli settlers and a war that took a form of genocide on the people of Gaza and a continuous ethnic cleansing procedure that never stopped since 1948.

The rise of ISIS, why, who, when, it still seems like an avalanche, some like me still insist they are not real. But they are real, and it is already past through the analysis of the whys and how’s of their existence. All the mess between all what is Islamism in the form of terror from Syria to Iraq and if we forget, Taliban came in to participate in the scene to bring Pakistan into the sphere.

Islam and terror, from one side and Ebola in Africa from the other side.

A bigger different aspect of war is going on elsewhere, Ferguson eruption and white, black racism is nothing but a shade of reality that is not in question but a reminder to that part of the world. Russia, Putin. Ukraine and flights and now Russian currency and oil prices.

Australia and a terrorist Muslim, again …

Germany and immense warfare deals with Israel, and a Jewish massive demonstration scene in Berlin.

Egypt and Ikhwan; also Hamas. Erdogan and demonstrators.

European countries are successively recognizing a Palestinian state … so what?

Israel and another election.

Palestinians and inner conspiracy thinking,

Olive oil is getting more expensive than gasoline.

We are entering the era of Bollywood


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