Scratches ….

Scratches from the year before…. dates change, and tragedies continue to unveil itself in new names and numbers.

We started a new year with the dreams and expectations of better days to come, and unfulfilled dreams to be realized.
In a rapidly changing world, where everything is mixed, the personal with the social, political even global; hopes and expectations seized to be simple in its bearings, achievable in its aspirations.
And as usual in life, happiness is a single moment that lasts quickly and grieves is a moment that seals our hearts … so is what is happening around us.
A personal happy moment or a sad one quickly gathers itself in the box of unimportant memories, because bigger things occur. What seems to be the most prominent for a Palestinian like me diminishes the moment my eyes grasp the surrounding. Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, even Nigeria.
Each day, we wake up and sleep on tragic news. A loss in another life or many. News of tragedies mix between real and rumors, as if the reality lacks reality. I zoom into Palestine, trying to focus on my issues, a man sets himself on fire in Gaza, the president cuts salaries on Dahlan’s supporters (Fatah –Fatah disputes), a fourteen-year-old girl, Malak sentenced to a real prison in Israeli Jails, a dying prisoner, another person, killed here, there, it doesn’t matter anymore… another name and number. Israeli fanatics insist on entering the Aqsa, the 7th Fatah council is postponed for another time, Israel is worried about a Hezbollah hit back after the airstrike that killed 6 a few days ago, Netanyahu runs and complaints, as usual, Lieberman uses Charlie Hebdo distribution in his elections campaign, high alerts on the borders with Lebanon, Hezbollah is threatening …or not. Arab parties in Israel finally decide to enter one coalition.historical!!!!
Isis kills the Japanese hostage, asks to release a prisoner in Jordan for the liberation of the other Japanese. Confusion!!!!! Baghdadi (the Khalifa’s) appears to be a former Qaida assistant, Abu Musab Zarqawi (killed). Qaida, Isis, what a mix!!!! So Isis is a branch of Qaida? How wealthy are these people!!!!! Arms, Weapon!!!!
Yemen, Huthis, Qaida, government, Saleh !!!! Iranians, Saudis, Americans…in Yemen … A nation that is armed by social and cultural habits overthrew a tyrant in peaceful demonstrations for months is now seized by operating powers with weapons from all directions.
Mubarak three decades of tyranny fell in a few a weeks after killing a couple of dozen of demonstrators four years ago … a Revolution …an Arab Spring. And dozens fall today, and people are split between Ikhwan and military, Mursi and Sissi. Sympathy for death becomes conditional. A revolution that overthrows a dictator and creates in its own hand another …
Syria, deaths in tens …every single day. Just another piece of news.
Iraqi Football team makes it to the finals of the Asia Cup. This is News. How could they do it? If I were Iraqi, I would just spend my days and nights crying on the destruction that never stopped, the continuous rape of the Lady of the capitals of the Muslim world.
King Abdulla of Saudi dies, RIP, 90 years leaving behind dozens of wives and ex-wives and children and grandchildren and two daughters whom we stopped hearing about in a hidden “prison”, he was a good leader and promoted women’s rights and was about to allow women in Saudi to drive… his successor ten years younger, with Alzheimer. It is not a crime; it comes with age. The Saudi money still reigns our comments and analysis … let’s just mourn the old monarch who wanted peace with Israel and Israel refused. A good king whom Israeli leaders laid flowers in words for his death.
There should be some good news somewhere.
A snowstorm is hitting the United States. It is not hitting Gaza people will enjoy the white visitor.
The sky is blue with beautiful white clouds gathered in an orchestrated way around the sun, preparing for some expected showers.


  1. I share your sadness at the state of our Home…. It seems the mad men of our species have become the norm, rather than a rarity….

    It is indeed a shame we can, all-too-often, only find that good news/feeling of which you speak so longingly, inside ourselves, in memory…. It’s good to remind us of what can be, at least, and, to have hope for such beauty to touch our lives again….

    I wish you peace, and love, in the coming year, my lady. Be well, and happy as you may….


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