Freedom of expression , or fear of expression

With each blog I post, I think of how critical is it and how angry some people may get.

I am often faced with the question: on whose side are you? Moreover, my answer is as simple as I am on the people’s side. The nation’s team. I am with Fateh when Fateh serves this country, as much as I am with Hamas when it serves the nation. I am critical of both when their actions are not serving the country and the cause.

I am critical of Israel because Israel is a state of occupation. I am a Muslim who is probably a secular. However, this does not mean that I have anything against those who are not secular. I have a problem with the state of Islam today as a consequence of the behavior of Muslims. I am against fundamentalists from all faiths and beliefs. Moreover, I stand up for human rights in all terms and places.

Ever since the eruption of the situation here in the last two months, I have realized that I became more critical. Alternatively, it could be as simple as; the situation has become more critical, so my standpoint became as dangerous.

It is not easy to adapt to a state of despair that becomes your very own life. Having the opportunity to express oneself in writing is a virtue. Being able to spread it out, at some point becomes a must.

Each time I hear people warning me for being more cautious in what I write. I make an individual revision to my words and think: what is it I have to be careful about? Have I crossed any line by insulting anyone, accusing someone falsely? Provoked or incited any side?

My answer to myself is usually no. Except for mentioning the president by his name and some public figures which I believe that is also an obligation from our side to say them. After all, they are public figures, and it is their responsibility to serve our needs. Their job is giving service to us the people. It is normal that we discuss their actions and criticize them and ask questions that we as people need answers for.

In the absence of all the normality of our lives. Being able to speak out freely is the only right that keeps us alive.

I admit that it feels disturbing to know that security services start questioning about what I write and ask media outlets not to publish my articles. However, then I think, that posting an article is like pulling out the trigger from the gun, once it is out you will never have control over the consequence.

I am critical to the PA because their acts are sick, and their delivery is way beyond meeting our expectations as people, and of course very disappointing.

The minimum they can allow us with is this freedom of expression in times that we are seized and limited by everything else, on top of them the occupation.

When thinking about fear … I think I cannot let it reach me. Somehow it feels good to be fearless.

It feels good to realize that who over can harm or gives you power is not in human’s hands. At the end what can they take from me; my life? My job? Both life and living are bound to a higher level than what people can offer or take away.

Maybe living in extremely distress made me get to a level that I cannot let fear get to me. I have been in situations where life and death merged in one form. I have been in a situation where poverty and starving came as close as my living room. I came to a realization that the power of life and death is bind to God. No one can take a moment of one’s life, and no one can grant a time in anyone’s life.

Being able to be courageous enough to speak out when you can is not just a virtue but also an obligation. In times when people are voluntarily giving away their lives to death. When people are perishing in prisons. When families are bereaved and drowning in grief and despair. Being able to point out to the problems, dysfunctionality, injustices, problems of our society and who ever rule it is the minimum we can do.

Falling into the traps of fears will only make things worse.

Being fearless is being powerful.

Being principal means that you are on the right side of things.

Standing on the solid ground of knowledge, faith, love and genuine belief that humanity is our greatest aspiration.

Calling out for justice, equity and liberty are a cause for humankind … it makes me fearless.

As long as things are dysfunctional, unjust, oppressive, discriminative and wrong. It is not an option not discuss. It is an obligation to point out directly to those problems…. We are a nation that is struggling to its existence… oppressing our minds more will not serve anyone. Even the enemy.


  1. An excellent post my friend. I will re-blog this net week if that is okay, Wise words that everyone needs to read. Be safe and watch your back. chuq

      1. I re-blogged it today on In Saner Thought…I also would like to pass on a comment about you I got today…..

        I would also add this: the Palestinians who are able to get any of their thoughts to the outside world are, perhaps. the most telling, and most compelling arguments that can be presented. I know you know the iink to Nadia Harash’s site. She is a Palestinian woman writing with great intelligence and insight, all while trying to survive living there, raising her children as best she may…. Powerful stuff. and if her insights were reproduced in any of the MSM outlets, would conceivably be a catalyst for world revolution….
        And, you know what? It’s time for one…..
        gigoid, the dubious

      2. This thought I would let you know…..another comment from Ned….

        I agree with the above comment, but only up to a point….Nadia demonstrates just how strong the human will really is, for she speaks out, in spite of the criticism and static she gets, from both sides of the issues in which she is embroiled. She is, in my opinion, possibly the finest example of the power of individual will, and of courage, that mankind ever displays. As well, she makes both her own government, the government of Israel, and every other government in the world look just like what they are…. a bunch of ignorant, brutish bullies.
        I would regard any self-censorship she might employ to be merely common sense…. kind of like refusing to paint a larger target on your own back, y’know?
        gigoid, the dubious….

        You have a new fan….well done….chuq

  2. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:
    Another powerful piece by my friend, Nadia…..she has a way of describing her world that is both understandable and very complex…..please take some time to read her words and maybe gain a little better understanding of the Middle East and the situations she faces everyday….chuq

  3. Nadia

    Without fear of contradiction, I have to express my admiration, for your thoughts, for your beliefs, and your courage. Living where you do, and as you do, gives your opinion(s) more strength and ‘rightness’ than can ANY of those from anyone who is not involved. In my mind, you are an example of everything a human woman can be…..

    Stay strong, my sister…. the world itself is burning, and the conflagration will eventually spread far enough to cleanse… We just have to stay strong enough to emerge through the other side…..

    I salute you, and your courage. Blessed Be, and, may your own beliefs guide and protect you….

    gigoid. the dubious

      1. Walk in Beauty, my sister.

        Ya Ta Hey!


        and, you are welcome. Every word was meant truly, and came from my heart….


  4. Probably repeating what has been said. You are a light of courage, compassion, and intelligence in the midst of fear and cowardice. I keep you and yours in a vision of light and protection.

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