Ramadan and terror under the name of God

Is it Ramadan that is causing all this outrage among the Muslims? As if all this violence and crimes have been saved to sprint out in this month.Last year like these days of the holy month killings erupted from Tunisia to Kuwait, to Egypt. Sinai and Sheikh Zweid ….This year the expansion of Islamic terror. I feel embarrassed to call it this …but what can it be called other than that . all this terror. This horrific nonstop murders of innocents in hundreds from so called Muslims to Muslims. In Iraq, hundreds were lost in horrible last days of Ramadan scenes … In Mecca… the holiest Muslim site.

I was looking into my previous articles and found this. Each time I think that what we experience from a deterioration of humanity under the name of God only gets worse. All fight under the name of holiness towards the Mighty.

Humanity is losing its face…

Islam as a religion is losing its credibility among its believers. All this justifies terror under the name of God is so abusive to whatever is left of our humanity. God is definitely not part of any of this.

Worse to say is … from last year till this moment, my analysis about Daesh seems worthless.. because Daesh is no longer part of the imagination that I refused to believe seriously exist. Daesh is a structure of belief… an idea that is built on fundamentalism, racism, terror, violence…. And regretfully they call themselves Muslims, ….and worse.. they are received by others who consider them the messengers of an Islam they aspire…

Below is the article from last year…..

The confusion of the situation is two folded, first, the choice of Ramadan by Muslims to kill Muslims and non-Muslims. Second, who is against whom?

Whatever is happening is definitely keeping a distance away from Israel, and this is another dangerous encounter. As Israel seemingly enjoying the blasts around it, with Arabs killing each other’s, and supporting some groups against whoever. It is once against having a free hand of aggression and oppression against the Palestinians. The piracy of the flotilla went with activists voices echoed in the sea. The daily subjugations on the checkpoint that are turning bloody each day and withdrawing permits and playing what seems a backgammon game with the people through its amateur generals on social media all seem too pretentious and suspicious.

While all this is happening in the surrounding borders and inside, with images of victims from all directions with each side claiming its victory is spreading on the social media, and Jerusalemites are busy with the Da’esh announcement against Christians. The more serious statement is what took place yesterday in Gaza.

This is three folded, Da’esh leaving the world of kafirs and deciding to purify Islam from Hamas should serve as a backlash to Dae’sh. But who would care? We are inside this internal fight that everyone became against everyone else. Second, making Sinai the war zone, and having such access and suddenly, should be a warning signal to Egypt that is busy purifying its internal affairs from the Ikhwan. Third, and what should be most important to the Palestinian case is, the deadly silence of the PA in Ramallah about it. A silence that looks familiar each time there is an aggression against Gaza.

Now…. What would this entire sum together to people like me? Individuals who are watching from the middle rows of a 3d movie-style life. But yet, it is not a movie. It is the real life.

Among all this bloodshed, the capacity to analyze seems useless. Since the only answer to all is more bloodshed.

While we will be watching the Gaza battle, yet again like foreign spectacles, cheering from a distance, some of us supporting and some praying for the final stroke that could finish Hamas and swallow the Gaza swamp forever. Both sides are not different in the passiveness, regardless of the intentions. But yet, something remains more threatening, in the winning or losing this Hamas- Da’esh battle if occurs.

Who would be those Da’esh elements that will be fighting Hamas inside Gaza? Are they exported species of no human DNA inside them? Would they be Palestinians, Arabs, youth, whatever?  How should we react to the encounter? What if they were from inside Gaza, Palestinians? Which they will likely be?

This encounter is bringing to my memory the day I declared my no more support to Hamas when they decided to purify Gaza from the Islamists who declared some emirate in Gaza and they were executed live from the mosques. A scene that keeps repeating itself. Some people may say they were right in doing so. The problem is when the enemy becomes anyone who may have been just a while ago a neighbor or a relative or just a fellow citizen. When we start equalizing this fight with our struggle with the real enemy … Israeli occupation.

On both levels, I wouldn’t call for bloody encounters. But what Hamas with its military faction al-Qassam did last year is considered a symbol of resistance in its best ways. They fought with full humility while the massive Israeli army proved its viciousness and inhumanity.

Would they do the same now in front of the fight against Da’esh? Would they consider the human aspects of war?

The whole Da’esh scenario is invaded in my imagination, in these unreal desert scenes of murders that I still cannot fully capture as real. A medieval man with a sword in the middle of the wilderness. Would this man be the same unreal descendent of the medieval era that will be fought or will be fighting under Da’esh when they arrive in Gaza?

To make my thoughts more visible, the scenes of killing that are taking place in Egypt. When people cheers the deaths of the Ikhwan who are killed in the very same neighborhoods were those “like us” are living. People who must have been neighbors, whether hideous or close, but we saw them, interacted with them whether by a passing talk or just a glance. People who have been real and part of our circle of life, whether we considered them friends or not.  The fact that we have been organized not to see people as people anymore is as frightening as the death of the fanatic movement of Da’esh, and it’s alike.

The problems lie in the no other plan or strategy to deal with these people except by killing.

If I was Da’esh, not the Baghdadi or the masterminds who created it or found it. I would be living in the only one single way out, either kill or die. These people should have faith in believing that getting killed will be for a higher cause called heaven. But while Da’esh masterminds give them a ticket to heaven when they kill us. What do we really offer? We also give them the same ticket. For someone who is already having no choice except death, why killing should make a difference to him.  This plan of inclusion does not exist when it comes to anything that deals with Da’esh or such groups. While we intentionally skipped the reasons behind the rise of Da’esh politically, we skipped it also socially, and instead of finding ways to deal with them, we only announced their very own notions of killing.

If governments that are still governments, in places like Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, and now Hamas in Gaza will adopt the tactic of not killing these people but taking them back. We need to know who these people are. If they are from our own societies, we should work on putting them on programs that will bring them back. While we watch the vicious cycle of killing in all directions, we ignore the fact that these people come out from families that are not necessarily recruited. What do we leave behind to those families? When killing people and leaving behind a whole bereaved family, will only increase the cycle of hatred and anguish.

I have said it many times, that Da’esh is nothing but a fostered baby inside our minds. Inside our own upbringing that is nurtured by violence and patriarchal control. This vicious circle is not only a result of the fanatic ideas of Da’esh. It is our own involvement in calling for their death as well.

Until we learn how to include our people within our structure and not exclude them based on whatever rises in front of us. Da’esh will continue to foster inside us.

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    At times like these, one can almost succumb to the wish that God could smite down the enemies of God and humanity – especially those who claim to kill in God’s name and not their self-delusions. But God is about peace, love, justice, and mercy. May God bless, have mercy, and forgive those who have been murdered and mercy, blessing and forgiveness to the murderers, as well.

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