Reflection on …. : A story of a nation

A story of a nation in two people . A Palestinian loss A cause thrashing An ongoing Diaspora A continuous expatriation An identity that remains …solid , humane , pure Though covered with burdens of miseries and mixtures of blended sorrows and difficulties A story of a Palestinian lost cause , and a shattered dream […]

My Shoes: First walk…bittersweet memories

Each time I enter the campus of the Hebrew University , I feel as if I am vacuumed into a time machine . In instances I am 18 years old . All those memories start surrounding me from every single direction . The walls ,the allies, the colours, the columns, the grass, the library, the […]

My body is a pr…

My body is a prisoner of my heart. جسدي أسير لقلبي

Reflection on a bitter reflection

It is just heartrending to watch this all. I do not know what funny, what sarcastic, what ironic, or what simply too sad is. It is all too sad to watch and live. I am still reflecting on your words of yesterday, now on TV, another Egyptian analyst was saying your exact words about a […]

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