THE moment

It is a moment with unexpected emotional explosion . I thought that there are moments that become a habit .Just another moment for another special occasion. It’s quite otherwise … To just find myself sitting before even anything started . Not that moment when you see your young  man entering that pathway out of his childhood […]

في الهروب منك بحثا اليك

نبحث عن ذاتنا أحيانا من خلال الهروب إلى الوحدة وكأننا في صحراء شاسعة نلمس فيها الرمال أرضا ونرتقي بنظرنا إلى السماء نتجرد من كل ما يمكن ان يكون مقتنى لحياة حتى الشجر والزرع والماء والحيوان تصبح كلها سراب ما تلبث تلمسه بحثا عن روحك حتى تدرك أنه كله سراب تلوذ وحيدا في عالم شاسع تغيب […]

Reflection on …. : A story of a nation

A story of a nation in two people . A Palestinian loss A cause thrashing An ongoing Diaspora A continuous expatriation An identity that remains …solid , humane , pure Though covered with burdens of miseries and mixtures of blended sorrows and difficulties A story of a Palestinian lost cause , and a shattered dream […]

words of wisdom: from Amin Ma’louf

……..I had to await my first white hairs, my first regrets, before becoming convinced that every man , including my father ,had the right to take the wrong road if he believed he was pursuing happiness. From that time, I began to cherish his erring ways, just as I hope that you will cherish mine, […]

On Naksa : excerpts from Prisoner of Love

Today is 48 years of Naksa , our loss of whatever left of Palestine to what became Israel beyond the partition plan of 1947… As words will repeat themselves… A paragraph that I find ” amusing ” and self descriptive to our ongoing Palestinian real Naqsa.. the Naqsa bigger than occupation from the immortal Jean Genet […]

When this line …

When this line of trust breaks in a relationship , nothing remains .. it would be only some time left until all falls apart , exactly like a chain of beads , when it breaks , its over ….

I thought that …

I thought that stop loving you means that I will stop needing you … I didn’t realize that I need you because I love you

Love is an admi…

Love is a mixture of affliction and supposition that is routed on delusion leading to a state of hallucination

Happiness is a …

Happiness is a mixed way of sorrow and illusion of love

reflections on ….a woman’s life??

My mentor was telling me that my choice of attraction to men seems to surprise him, and summing up from a collection of different kind of ex I was thinking. I am someone who is fascinated by Nietzsche.. do I need more explanation to how far I can go with the different mental disturb bands […]

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