reflections on ….a woman’s life??

My mentor was telling me that my choice of attraction to men seems to surprise him, and summing up from a collection of different kind of ex I was thinking. I am someone who is fascinated by Nietzsche.. do I need more explanation to how far I can go with the different mental disturb
bands of men ????

What makes a woman, full, assured, confident and healthy keep haunting a deadly shadow of the past?

Why is it hard or unacceptable that a woman dates someone who is 10- 15 years younger than her when it seems so normal when it is the other way around? I realized recently that we women keep seeking maturity to shine in men, but somehow, it appears to be the fact that people, no matter how they grow in age, they seldom, rarely become mature. So .. why not invest in someone who is young and immature, rather than investing in someone who is aging and immature??



  1. As a man likely considerably older than you, I can safely attest that maturity did not reach until I had passed what some consider “middle-aged.” At some point, too often too late, some men finally allow maturity to happen. That’s the key word: allow. Many of us just won’t allow themselves to mature. Oh, well. Better late than never. 🙂

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