Nakba.. 67 years and a day after .. a reflection

Nakba. 67 years and a day after. Well. It is still Nakba, with continuous de-digestion. Some parents practically locked up their teenagers from leaving their homes ( I was among those he literally begged my teenager not to abandon the house for any reason . I was into any of his  blackmailing tactics on such […]

This is how we fought in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Testimonies

Shoot every person you see!!!–even-if-the-targets-may-have-been-civilians-10223427.html

Peace Building under Occupation : peace as a value vs education for peace

Presentation, 2014 Peace Building under Occupation : peace as a value vs education for peace The ongoing conflict is about occupation; a nation/state occupying another nation. It is not about if the Israelis have a historical right or if they are the same ancestors of Moses or Abraham. It is not about if the holocaust […]

A passing thought : Humanitarian Tourism

Humanitarian Tourism… Living in a life full of contradictions. Injustices and integrity. Prejudice and gender equality . Regimes being destroyed, autonomies being occupied under liberation notions and emancipation. Dictatorship supported under rule of law conceptions and shadows of democracy. Men, women, children… dead bodies spread all over the world. Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Palestine …..and […]

A kidnapping of a nation

A kidnaping of a nation

As the search for the Israeli settlers/soldiers is going on , daily abduction to palestinian children continues

Israel demands

So Israelis are talking about violations of International laws now !!!!!!!! while the world cup fever is still heating up, the disappearance of three israeli soldiers the other day in Hebron is a real fever .  And while Netanayahu was passing the new law to force feed the prisoners , and while prisoners under administrative […]

A reflection on Occupation: A day in real life-Anata

A day in Real Life Today was a real extraordinary day. I went to ICAHD the building camp in the morning, and we were informed that there is a demolition about to take place somewhere, either in A-Tour or E-Sawiyyeh. Meir said that in order not to provoke the Border Police, not everyone should come […]

Muhatarat (incoherence: A thought on the Day , women’s Day

A thought on the day I am trying to write something that my pen doesn’t grasp…. Somewhere in my head it’s not ready yet… But so many things are happening around .. So much focus on prisoners hunger strike, Israeli apartheid , a prisoner that was martyred, a wounded demonstrator that joined in martyrdom rally […]

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