Reflections of a naive woman…an old reflection

My thoughts are winding in my brain in many directions . unfaithfulness, cheating, screwing, whatever it could be called. It is happening everywhere and we are all part of it , and  yet can’t understand or get to a point were we know what is going on and why .

As if it is an international code, everyone is doing it , with all life problems, cultural, ethnic, political everything differences , with all the wars and crisis, we are all unified in this matter .

If we are supposed to be born from a man’s rib, which ideally, would make the holy merge of humanity, what is whatever is happening in between our lives .

In the past I could also agree that this is a man’s dis-functionality . I cannot say it couldn’t work with women , the fact that I was a devoted wife, and I was sure nothing could ever come out to make it otherwise. Fidelity and faithfulness were on top of everything , I was convinced that the man I married was the man that would stay for the rest of my life .

Because I believed that I must have been meant to be.

But , what with all the other women, who came through his life, they were tissues from that rib?

And again , today, with my deep belief that there is no such thing as man’s different nature . We both have our differences, but our needs with its differences do not vary in the way we were taught .Our differences are meant to make us become one .

So this thing of man’s being unable to just have only one woman is just a man’s creation . Women’s need were always neglected and ignored and went unmentioned through history.

I really feel bad for the situation of women ever since men started taking control . Ever since women decided that they needed that piece of meat the man came back with on his lousy hunting tour .

When he forced on her a new food , which causes life’s most diseases and I am sure she cooked it for him and she wasn’t much interested in eating that meat.

The conceit that this built in man, after she showed him gratitude and appreciation, deteriorated the woman’s status until the end of times. This woman didn’t know that she executed her fellow women for thousands years to come .

I am not sure how much women coped with situation along history .

Men putting rules and women sneaking through them but submitting from outside .

If it could be fair to say that women decided today to also lead the life the way men do it . Maybe it is the way it should be. Man is not the only polygamist creature. It’ s both men and women . and if they both decided that it is  no longer one plus one , it is one plus whatever it takes, then it applies to women too.

But does this put us in a chaos? Aren’t we already living in this chaos secretly . The oppressed do it secretly and the oppressor do it publicly , but doing it publicly , announcing it in public that we both need to be liberated from a one on one relationship and start flying around .

Maybe it is true , that what our world would need, thanks to science it could be applicable now, to,diminish the institution of marriage because it proved to be destructive.

If the union in marriage is or was meant to happen for the sake of securing children, today the DNA can go back to bones and know who is the father of whom. And I bet, if they run DNA tests on the world the results would be striking.

Pre Islam, there was massive women dominance, children were named after their mothers not fathers, women were those who decided who the father of their children was.

Even though Islam liberated women from being buried alive, it took the freedom that women had from being the polygamists and simply gave that role to the man. As if it was time to tame those wild creatures.

April 2008


  1. Thanks for following my new pleasureinmind blog. You know women were not from Adam’s rib? That’s an old story told to help suppress the divine feminine.
    The battle between the sexes is because the biology man wants to spread their seed far and wide whereas the biology of women wants the man to stay, provide and protect.
    I have done much research and Israel has little validity from a historical perspective but that’s a long story. Warm regards, David (no relation to Israel’s mythical figure 🙂

    1. thank u!! i know women are not from adam’s rib, ))) somehow this is the conversation that takes place in playing in our minds.. i think the whole discussion about the nature\what the man \woman wants or can or is will stay .. there is much work to be done .. in societies like mine , u still address the traditional theological mindsets. it is often impossible to move.
      i dont know if the biology of woman for instance wants the man to stay , provide and protect or its traditions of centuries and maybe millennium of men supremacy in societies that makes it this way ))
      as for israel validity …… good that ur there ))
      thanks for stepping by )

    2. From an evolutionary biology standpoint, David is correct. The driving factor to pair-bond in human males came from impregnanting as many fertile wombs as possible, thus ensuring the species would proliferate (keeping in mind that offspring often died during birth or shortly thereafter and humans only lived to age 25). In females, it stemmed from the desire for herself and her offspring to be protected. This is evidenced by the physical features that generally cause sexual arousal in both sexes. For males, the characteristics that are typically appealing are full lips, big eyes, and a large waist-hip ratio, which are indicators of fertility. Females generally sought height and a muscular upper body in males, which are indicators of physical strength and fortitude.
      However, as our species has evolved, and with a very low infant mortality rate in the developed world, there is no longer a biological imperative to maintain these driving factors. Both sexes now strive, typically, for stability. As to how this plays into the concept of polygamy is a different discussion and certainly worthy of research.

      Also, Nadia, I enjoyed your acknowledgement of the fact that pre-Islam, societies favored the female. This true of all the Abrahamic religions. Prior to their advent, Paganism and nature-based beliefs were most commonplace with emphasis on the sacred feminine. Your assertion that millenia-long male supremacy has created many of the harmful traditions and mindsets we see today is spot on.

      Thank you for the follow, also! I enjoyed reading this 🙂

      1. I wrote this some years ago, and I am kind of surprised how I have been advocating such thoughts since a while … I am saying this because i am currently working on a paper about medieval islamic philosophy (al ghazali and his views on women ) and another on women between tradition and religion in jerusalem . I thought i am interested in this just for studying reasons , but apparently it is about inquiries i have been questioning since some time .. As much as my opinion was lacking \still is \ academic \scientific background , i ring myself amused with my argument … well . now that i am studying all this , it is not exactly lacking scientific argumentation … i do have , however a theory about the making of females\and males and i think it may have some truth (that has already been examined) but we will keep for a more detailed discussion….
        Thank you for the stepping by )))) ..

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