The assassination of Nizar Banat and the Hypocrisy of the International Community

The assassination of Nizar Banat and the Hypocrisy of the International Community

A year ago, Nizar was brutally killed by the Palestinian security apparatus with the coordination of the Israeli military forces. 

Nizar thought he was a bit safe hiding away in areas that were not under the security and police control of the PA. It was clear that they wanted to kill him. They blasted his house a month earlier. He was on a chase for months the year before. He naively believed that there was some rule of law out there… out of the prisons of the living areas of the PA. He naively thought that despite being the occupation, Israel would care a bit about its security control. He naively believed that the world outside this small and more significant prison was fostered by international law. 

Like Nizar, we were not lesser naïve people. 

We insisted on believing that there must be some law. The pressure. The brutality of the murder. The bereaved family. The tears of his young children. The brokenness of his mother and his wife. 

But we all lived to see that we live inside a hypocritic world of pretentious civilization decorated with laws for specific purposes: the law is made for the oppressors to maintain their oppression. 

Law is made for the corrupt to maintain their corruption. 

Law is made for the strong to be stronger over the weak. 

The rest is nothing but a show… .a show where media plays all its relevant roles. 

All are relevant, but a human life 

All but justice.

A year after, the killers of Nizar are granted freedom, while his cousin, a primary witness in the case, is in prison. 

A year later, freedom of expression in Palestine is becoming a weapon used against anyone who dares to speak against corruption, despotism, nepotism… against anyone who dares to question this illegitimacy that controls our lives. 

An illegitimate, murderous, oppressive, totalitarian leadership that gains legitimacy from the international community represented by governments. 

It is not a coincidence that the moment the president and his prime minister posed for a picture after the EU approved to pay money, arrests took place, court fees were raised to 2500% more, nepotism continued to be the representation, and criminals were out. 

A year later, the world that witnessed the brutality of this crime is watching still…. The continuous injustice… the violations of human rights… the suppression of freedom… the violations of fundamental laws, the hijacking of the rule of law, the corruption, the continuous killing, and support for this illegitimate regime more than ever. 

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