This is how we fought in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Testimonies

Shoot every person you see!!!–even-if-the-targets-may-have-been-civilians-10223427.html

From Gaza to Jerusalem

From Gaza to Jerusalem It is only the shared despair that can be shared under a gloomy crying sky. My reflections feel broken to me . My mind swings between Jerusalem and Gaza , with a bit of selfish feeling of satisfaction , because Jerusalem ,as if enthrallingly listened to the agony of Gaza and […]

a reflection on the mess

This could be another state of desperate confusion, yes perplexity. But perplexity is a state of sophistication I assume. I am not in that state at all… It is the usual state of being unable to define things. So many bad news around. I don’t know again if it is all a coincidence. I don’t […]

Sleep tight Gaza if you can : 309 victims the toll of the israeli incursion on Gaza.70% of them are children,women and elderly….

Reflection on Occupation : Gaza and the Sea

Gaza and the SeaIs it just a new-fangled scenario that add to our grieve? Is it an added collection of martyrs ? Should we rejoice the joining of International martyrs to the flock of Palestinian Martyrdom ?Israel once again ….preparing itself since the morning to criminalize the victims and spreading salt on the dead bodies […]

Reflection on a bitter reflection

It is just heartrending to watch this all. I do not know what funny, what sarcastic, what ironic, or what simply too sad is. It is all too sad to watch and live. I am still reflecting on your words of yesterday, now on TV, another Egyptian analyst was saying your exact words about a […]

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