Nakba.. 67 years and a day after .. a reflection

Nakba. 67 years and a day after. Well. It is still Nakba, with continuous de-digestion. Some parents practically locked up their teenagers from leaving their homes ( I was among those he literally begged my teenager not to abandon the house for any reason . I was into any of his  blackmailing tactics on such […]

On Nakba and Independence

On Nakba and Independence… heated discourse

Re-reading Nakba

Re-reading Nakba As the social media is flooding with statuses and articles about Balfour declaration in these days, commemorating the 100th year of a promise to a Jewish homeland, that set the ground of the creation of the State of Israel.  I feel for the first time in my life as an adult that I […]

الاسكان في القدس- ورقه بحثية

الاسكان في القدس مقدمة- القدس قبل وبعد أوسلو القدس بين إسرائيل والقانون الدولي قضية الإسكان في القدس تسجيل الاراضي إحكام سيطرة اسرائيل على الأراضي: مصادرة املاك الغائبين المناطق المغلقة : الاعلان عن اراضي الدولة رخص البناء الخاتمه : هدم البيوت المراجع الاسكان في القدس مقدمة منذ قيام إسرائيل سنة ١٩٤٨ ، واحتلالها لفلسطين الذي امتد […]

the Israeli new government.. the real face of Israel

Two days of shocking government formations and elections result in a row. Of course, what can a Palestinian complaining about a lucky strike that may occur every decade of elections? Of course it leaves a disturbing Palestinian like me enjoying popcorn relaxed in front of the screen of a finished movie as the names slip […]

This is how we fought in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Testimonies

Shoot every person you see!!!–even-if-the-targets-may-have-been-civilians-10223427.html

All for Peace: Nadia’s Jerusalem Insight : Another hit ..another murder, killing whatever

Another killing … another state of loss

It is another time when I look around me and think: ” God, I am scared” . Could it be that helplessness of being a mother ? That continuous scene of children leaving home not to ever come back again ? Is it the fact that children grow and accidents happen , just like a […]

Peace Building under Occupation : peace as a value vs education for peace

Presentation, 2014 Peace Building under Occupation : peace as a value vs education for peace The ongoing conflict is about occupation; a nation/state occupying another nation. It is not about if the Israelis have a historical right or if they are the same ancestors of Moses or Abraham. It is not about if the holocaust […]

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